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Welcome to The Best Baby Carriers. My name is TaSha, I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom from Montana, and I’m a Babywearing Momma!

Whether you’re looking for a soft structured baby carrier, or a frame style baby backpack carrier for long days on the trail, you’ve come to the right place.

I put this website together for two reasons:

Number one – to help other Moms and Dads find the best soft structured baby carrier or baby backpack carrier for their little ones by offering a number of different options.

Back in the day, before I became a Babywearing Momma, I really had no idea what a soft structured baby carrier was. I knew what a Babybjorn was, but that’s pretty much it. I had seen others use frame style child carrier, but I had no idea how to pick one out.

I want to provide my readers with as much information as possible, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to find the answer you’re looking for.
Number two – to continue being a Stay-At-Home Mom and earn an income online.

I am an affiliate to a number of merchants found on this website. That does not mean that I get paid for my reviews, it only means that if you choose to purchase a product I’ve reviewed, I will make a small commission. I feel it’s important to be honest.

I’ve done a lot of research in this area, and I’ve worked really hard on all of my reviews. I try to offer the most information possible to help you with your decision. So, if you like what I have to offer, please +1 me above and recommend me on Google, or Like me on Facebook.

What I Look For In A Soft Structured Baby Carrier

My list of mush haves:

  • Comfortable for me – Padded shoulder straps, and a wide padded waist belt. I want a soft structured baby carrier that not only offers an excellent weight distribution system, but also doesn’t affect my center of gravity. The wide waist belt is extremely important for this, and so it the sternum strap.I also like having the option of crossing the straps in the back when using the front carry position. This feels much more supportive.
  • Support for my daughter – She needs to be comfortable too, and since my daughter is older, no longer an infant, I want a seat that’s tall and wide for more support.
  • Ease of use – To put it simply, if it’s not easy to use, I won’t use it.
  • Adjust-ability – I want it to fit my husband too, not just me.
  • Carrying options – I like my options, and although my daughter does prefer to ride on my back, occasionally the hip carry position comes in handy.
  • High weight capacity – A good quality soft structured baby carrier is NOT cheap! Therefore I want to be able to use it for as long as possible, around 40 or 45 pounds.

TOP 15 Best Soft Structured Baby Carriers

What I Look for in a Baby Backpack Carrier

When it comes to spending so much time outdoors, the gear is what really counts. Making sure you come equipped to handle anything. Montana is famous for never giving you what you expect, whether it’s the back breaking trails, the wild rivers, or the weather, you never know what you’re gonna get. That’s why I like to know what my gear is capable of. Whether it’s a pair of hiking boots, a full suspension mountain bike, or my baby backpack carrier.

My list of must haves:

  • Lightweight – It’s gotta be light
  • Excellent suspension – those trails can be wicked on me, but I want them to be smooth for my baby girl.
  • Safety harness – I can get a little wild, so I want to make sure she’s not going anywhere.
  • Baby comfort – Not only is she staying put, but she’s happy to do so.
  • Mommy comfort – I’m in it for the long haul, so I want some serious padding and back support.
  • Back support, back support, back support!
  • Ventilation – When I get moving, I get sweating, so I want something that wicks the moisture away, and keeps me cool
  • Adjustments – My baby’s a growing girl!
  • Storage – Long hauls mean more gear, food, water, etc.
  • Kickstand – My husband can’t always join me, so I need it to be easy to load, solo.

Best Baby Backpack Carriers

That’s it folks. I hope you find my information and reviews helpful in your search for the best soft structured baby carrier or baby backpack carrier.

Good Luck!

TaSha Franklin

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