Baby Bjorn Synergy Review – Better Than The Original?

Baby Bjorn Synergy Customer Rating: 145/176 – 82%Baby Bjorn Synergy Reviews - 95/117 - 81%

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  • Made from smooth, 3D, breathable mesh material, keeps user and baby cool
  • Extra support for your back and shoulders
  • Supports baby’s head and neck securely
  • Carries baby in the correct physiological position
  • Two piece design allows you to transfer your sleeping baby from carrier to crib undisturbed
  • Offers two positions, front facing in and front facing out
  • Specifically designed lumbar support system
  • Adjustable sliding buckle accommodates your growing baby
  • Weight requirements: 8 – 26 pounds
  • 2 Year express warranty

Baby Bjorn Synergy Review:

Baby Bjorn Synergy - White - Forward Facing Out CarryThe Baby Bjorn Synergy is simply a nice improvement from the original. Basically, if you combine the Baby Bjorn Active, with the Baby Bjorn Air, you get the Synergy.

The lightweight mesh definitely makes a difference in terms of breath-ability, but even though they’ve added increased lumbar support, when baby get’s older and heavier the weight still rides on your shoulders and neck. It’s great for a newborn, but after about 15 pounds, it gets uncomfortable for longer wear.

I also don’t like the listing price or the fact that there’s not very many color options. It is however, extremely comfortable for your precious little cargo. If you’re seriously considering the Original Baby Bjorn, I would recommend this one over that, but only if you can find one on sale. It’s currently listed at Amazon for 169.99, which is not a bad deal. Oh and FYI, it’s listed as a Baby Bjorn Active, Mesh on Amazon, but it’s the same as the Synergy.

Personally, I think there are better options out there when it comes to comfort for the wearer, especially for the price, but if you really have your heart set on a Baby Bjorn, check out the Miracle.

Recap – The Good & The Bad

The Good
  • Better lumbar support and wider straps than the original
  • Breathable mesh material that keeps you cool
  • The front of the carrier can be completely removed, enabling you to lay you’re sleeping baby down without too much jostling
  • Folds compactly into carrying pouch
The Bad
  • Only goes up to 26 pounds
  • Baby’s weight is still on your shoulders, not comfortable for long periods of time.
  • The price is steep

Still undecided? Read through some of the customer feedback on Amazon, or check out the comparison reviews listed below.

Comparison Reviews:

Which Babybjorn is right for you? The Original, Air, Active, Synergy, Comfort, or Miracle?


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