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Babybjorn Active Baby Carrier Review

Babybjorn Active Baby Carrier – Black

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Babybjorn Active Features:

    • Enhanced lumbar support system
    • Wide, padded shoulder straps
    • Adjustable sliding buckle
    • Made of safe, comfortable, non-toxic materials
    • Unique two-piece design allows for undisturbed transfer of your sleeping baby from carrier to crib
    • Minimum size requirements: 8 pounds 21 inches
    • Max weight limit: 26 pounds

Babybjorn Active Review:

What I Like

Obviously, being hands-free is a huge benefit, but feeling like your baby is also safe, goes a long way too. I’ve used a variety of baby carriers and my biggest pet-peeve is feeling like I still have to keep my arms around my baby while walking around. This one is very sturdy and stable.

I love the two-piece design. It really does make it easier to take your baby out when they’ve fallen asleep. It does take a little bit of practice at first, but what doesn’t?

Most baby carriers now-a-days offer non-toxic material, and the Babybjorn Active is no different. When you’re carrying a teething baby, it’s next to impossible to keep them from chewing on the straps. Same goes with any soft structured baby carrier.

It’s better than the original. The shoulder straps are wider, there’s more lumbar support, and there’s longer straps for adjustments. You really have to pull the lumbar support strap tight to get the full benefits.

I love the front facing out carrying position, or should I say that my daughter loves it. There’s a lot of arguing going on about whether or not this position is healthy for babies. Personally I feel that if it’s used correctly, it can be beneficial. From what I understand you should be able to use this position somewhere around 4 months, when your baby’s spine and muscles have been sufficiently developed. However, I do think it’s important to keep a close eye on your little one. If they seem overstimulated, which is the common concern, turn them around. If you’re at the grocery store or the shopping mall and there’s a lot going on, I recommend keeping your baby facing in towards you rather than out.

What I Don’t Like

There’s not a whole lot that I don’t like about the Babybjorn Active. It does what it’s supposed to. Obviously, you can only use it up to 26 pounds which is kind of a bummer, but at the same time carrying around a 26 pound baby on the front of your body is going to make your back hurt. So I think that this limit is justified. On the same note, there were quite a few reviewers that commented on the back support. Some said it was perfect, while others complained about it weighing to heavily on their shoulders and back. I guess it just depends on how much your baby weighs, but for the most part, anytime you use a front carrier like the Babybjorn Active, your baby’s weight is going to ride on your shoulders and back. The key is to get it spread evenly, therefore eliminating stress on certain pressure points.

Just like any other soft structured baby carrier, if you wear the Babybjorn Active on a hot summer day, or for a long period of time, you may get warm. Now, Babybjorn has designed yet another baby carrier called the Synergy. It has lighter fabric and mesh ventilation. So if you live in a warmer climate, and this may be an issue, check out the Babybjorn Synergy. It’s more expensive, but it’s also a lot cooler.

The only other con that I feel is worth mentioning is the fact that the head support flap has a tendency to pop back up into your baby’s face when using the front facing out carrying position. It doesn’t necessarily hurt your baby, but it’s annoying.

Recap – The Good & The Bad

The Good
  • You can be hands free for errands
  • Offers both the front facing-in and front facing-out
  • The Babybjorn Active offers better lumbar support than the original
  • Your baby is safe and secure
  • It’s easy to breastfeed while wearing the Babybjorn Active
  • Machine-washable
  • It’s under $100 dollars
The Bad
  • When wearing the Babybjorn Active in the front facing out position, the flap that provides head support in the front facing in position will occasionally pop up into the baby’s face, harmless or not, it’s still annoying.
  • The soft material is thick, and can really make you sweat on a warm day.
  • Not as comfortable when your baby gets older and heavier, the weight tends to ride on your shoulders and back, but the same goes for any front baby carrier that’s why they have a 26 pound weight limit.

Get the Babybjorn Active Baby Carrier @ Amazon

If you’re still undecided, check out the video demonstration below, or read through some of the customer feedback on Amazon.

Babybjorn Video Demonstration:


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