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Babybjorn Comfort Carrier Review

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier – Black

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The Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is the only Babybjorn Baby Carrier that will allow you to carry your baby from 13 to 31 pounds. That’s up to 2 years old! Offering the same traditional carrying positions as the original Babybjorn, front facing in and front facing out, you can now carry heavier babies for longer periods of time without the strain on your back.

The Babybjorn Comfort Carrier offers enhanced weight distribution and back support. With its adjustable waist belt designed specifically to transfer almost all of the baby’s weight to your hips, and adjustable shoulder straps that distribute Baby’s weight evenly across your shoulders and back, it certainly earns it’s name. In addition, the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier offers an additional leg position that enables you to carry larger babies front facing in. By giving your baby a wider seated position, their legs can wrap around you just like they would naturally.

The Babybjorn Comfort Carrier offers an ergonomically correct sitting position developed in close collaboration with pediatricians, as well as proper head support that can be folded down when baby is carried in the facing out position. It’s made from 100% organically grown cotton, as well as 100% polyester.

Babybjorn Comfort Features:

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier Review

    • Offers front facing out, and front facing in
    • Weight Recommendations:
      • Front facing in – 13 to 31 pounds
      • Front facing out – 13 to 26 pounds (Once Baby has reached 26 pounds you can only carry them in the front facing in carrying position)
    • Adjustable waist belt – transfers almost all of Baby’s weight to your hips relieving pressure on your shoulders and back
    • Adjustable, wide padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly
    • Adjustable head support that can be folded down when carrying your baby in the front facing out position
    • Additional leg position that adjusts from normal to wide, allowing you to carry older babies in the front facing in position
    • Made from 100% organic cotton and 100% polyester – guaranteed harmless to children’s sensitive skin
    • Machine washable

Babybjorn Comfort Video Demo:

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My Review:

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier Review

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier – Black

I was extremely excited when I discovered the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier. I’ve always liked the design of the Babybjorn Baby Carriers, and since this one goes up to 31 pounds, I thought it would be perfect.

There are several things I like about it, number one being the adjustable waist belt. If you plan on carrying your baby for any length of time, it’s extremely important to have a waist belt that transfers the weight to your hips. Plus, the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier offers extra wide padded shoulder straps that help distribute what weight is left evenly across your back and shoulders. After researching several reviews I found that comfort was by far the number one advantage to the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier. Although, keep in mind that comfort does mean bulk, which was the number one complaint. Aside from comfort, most also loved how easy it was to assemble and adjust. All the adjustments can be made while wearing it, which is actually harder to come by then you would think. Also, the Babybjorn  Comfort Carrier offers wide holes for Baby’s legs, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable chafing on Baby’s little thighs.

Now let’s talk cons. Like I said earlier, I was extremely excited that Babybjorn came out with a carrier that goes all the way up to 31 pounds, however, after researching it a bit I noticed that you can only carry your baby facing out up to 26 pounds. From 26 pounds to 31 pounds you have to carry baby facing in. MAJOR disappointment! That’s my daughters favorite position. Also, the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is not as easy to load and unload as the traditional Babybjorn Carriers. You have to lift Baby up above the carrier and feed his/her legs through the holes. This is because of the addition of the waist belt, which in my opinion is well worth the pain. Also, the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier seat has a bit more height which enables you to carry larger babies, but because of the added height when Baby is in the forward facing out position the head support can get in the way with smaller babies, even when it’s folded down.

In conclusion, the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is by far the MOST comfortable Babybjorn Carrier available. Even with the drawbacks, I still feel that this carrier is worth the price. It’s designed well, it’s safe, and extremely comfortable. What more can I say? Plus it’s currently on SALE at Amazon for $142.99, that’s 28% OFF!

The Good & The Bad

The Good
  • 13 to 31 pounds – carries 5 pounds more than the traditional Babybjorn Baby Carrier
  • Offers both front facing out and front facing in
  • Wide, padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist belt – makes this Babybjorn the MOST comfortable
  • Two leg positions for baby, one normal and one wide for larger babies
  • Leg holes are extra wide to avoid chafing on Baby’s thighs
  • Head support folds down for the forward facing out position
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, guaranteed to be harmless
The Bad
  • Can only be worn front facing out up to 26 pounds
  • Harder to load than the traditional Babybjorn Carriers – have to lift baby above carrier and feed his/her legs through the leg holes
  • Head support can get in the way when using the forward facing out position
  • Limited color options

Babybjorn Comfort – Customer Feedback:

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier - Grey

Babybjorn Comfort Carrier – Grey

*Total Rating: 40/49 rated it 4 to 5 stars, with 5 being the max – 82% Customer Satisfaction

Comfy and easy to use, May 20, 2010

By Deborah Verlen “Deborah” (Chicago, IL USA)

This is my fourth BabyBjorn carrier over the years with my child and grandchildren. I must admit this one is my favorite.

What do I like about the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier? The materials are organic and the carrier is well made. It is also comfortable. So many carriers with thinner straps seem to cut into your back, shoulders or arms at some point. The Babybjorn Comfort Carrier has wide, well padded straps that after an hour or so of walking were still comfortable. One of the best things about it, is the baby’s weight rests on your hips rather than higher up.

Another thing I like about the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is the ease in which it assembles. I’ve had carriers where reassembling them after a walk to the park where my child was taken out and put back in was a frustrating experience getting the straps right again in order to put the thing on. This one is much easier than several I’ve experienced, but they have a handy “cheat sheet” sewn inside the carrier!

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