Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier Review – Is It Really A Miracle?

Babybjorn Miracle Customer Rating: 92/103 – 89%Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier Review

Babybjorn Miracle  Baby Carrier Review - Forward facing in

Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier

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  • Carrying weight recommendations: 8 to 26 pounds
  • 2 Carrying positions: front facing-in, and front facing-out
  • Adjustable ergonomic waist belt is generously padded
  • Adjustable back support – transfer Baby’s weight from shoulders, hips, and waist easily
  • Adjustable head support – also folds down
  • All adjustments are made from the front
  • Supports Baby’s head, neck, and back, and also keeps Baby’s legs and hips in the correct position
  • Baby is carried in an uprights position – best to allow the free passage of air
  • Material – There are three options for materials
    • Cotton
    • Organic Cotton
    • Lightweight Mesh
  • No chafing on Baby’s legs, all seams are on the outside of the carrier
  • Machine washable

Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier Review:

Babybjorn Miracle  Baby Carrier Review - Back View with two positions

Babybjorn Miracle – Belt Positions

I’m really impressed with the new Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier. If you haven’t watched the below video demo, do it, because there’s just no other way of explaining how easy it is to use and adjust.

What I Like:

Previous Babybjorn Carriers always struggled with providing good lumbar support, and balancing weight evenly from shoulder to hips. The Babybjorn Miracle is different.

The adjustable back support allows you to vary the pressure points, in other words, the Babybjorn Miracle lets you choose where you want to distribute the weight. Let’s say you suffer from lower back pain, and you need the weight to rest on your shoulders. You can simply loosen the waist belt, move the back support up  so that it’s between your shoulder blades, and tighten the shoulder straps. This will distribute the weight evenly across your upper back and shoulders. This position is best used when your baby is small.

For those that suffer from shoulder pain, you can simply loosen the shoulder straps, move the back support down, and tighten the waist belt. This will take the pressure off your shoulders and move it to your hips. These adjustments also allow you to change your baby’s position. It’s natural to want to carry your newborn close to your chest so that their head is within kissing range. With the Babybjorn Miracle, you choose where you want your baby to be, either high up on your chest, or lower down on your stomach.

Babybjorn Miracle  Baby Carrier Review -  Length AdjusterThe Babybjorn Miracle also offers this neat size adjustment buckle on the inside of the carrier. You can adjust it according to the length of your baby. It really takes the guess work out of it.

What I Don’t Like:

Honestly, there’s not much I don’t like about the Babybjorn Miracle, except for the price. For a baby carrier that you can only use from 8 to 26 pounds, $189.95 is way TOO MUCH! If you can find it on sale, like it usually is on Amazon, then it’s not so bad, but I would not recommend paying over $170.00 for a newborn carrier. 

Customer Feedback

As for customer feedback, well let’s just say that 92 out of 103 reviewers were extremely pleased with their purchase. That’s an 89% customer satisfaction rating. In case you’re wondering, that’s really good!

Most loved their Babybjorn Miracle, stating that it is indeed a miracle. The most loved feature was definitely the well-balanced weight distribution. With all of the adjustments that the Miracle offers, it’s easy to customize the fit to your own personal preference, as well as adjusting it to fit your growing child. The Babybjorn Miracle is not a one-size-fits-all baby carrier, it’s a baby carrier that fits all sizes.

Babybjorn Miracle  Baby Carrier Review - Forward Facing Out

One of the biggest benefits to the Babybjorn Miracle, aside from the adjust-ability and comfort, is the forward-facing out carrying position. There were several reviewers that commented on just how important this position had become to their babies.

Now, anytime I review a baby carrier that offers the forward-facing out (FFO) carrying position, I feel it’s important to mention that there are a number of babywearing groups out there that feel that this position is unhealthy for your baby. Of course, Babybjorn disagrees, and they have several medical experts backing them up. I have searched high and low for an actual medical opinion, or study that states that the use of a Babybjorn is unhealthy. I can’t find one. As far as I’m concerned, if this position is used properly and in moderation, it can be very beneficial. Keep in mind that Babybjorn does not recommend using the FFO position until your baby’s head and neck muscles have grown strong enough, which is usually somewhere around 4 to 5 months. So until then, keep your baby facing in. Also, keep a close eye on your little one. If he/she seems over-stimulated while they’re FFO, turn them around. For more information on what actual “Medical Experts” had to say, check out the below article. Also, it’s always a good idea to check with your pediatrician if you’re still concerned.

What Medical Experts have to say about FFO – By Babybjorn

As far as complaints go, the biggest complaint was the price, however most considered it money well spent after using the Babybjorn Miracle for a couple of months.

There was also a few reviewers that complained about it being too complicated, however, that’s par for the course when it comes to soft structured baby carriers. It takes time, and practice to figure out how all the buckles and adjustments work. That’s what directions are for, plus there are plenty of instructional video’s out there to help.


So, is the Babybjorn Miracle a Miracle? Most of the reviewers, like 89%, seemed to think so. Personally, I think it’s an excellent choice, but only if you can find it on sale. It’s better for newborns then it is for older babies, so if your little one is already 6 months old, I would look into something with a little higher weight capacity. If the forward facing out position is what you seek, there are a few toddler carriers that offer it. The Beco Gemini, the Pikkolo Carrier, and the Lillebaby Everywear.

Where to Buy:

FYI: There’s three different options of Babybjorn Miracle’s. You can get it in cotton, organic cotton, or lightweight mesh.

Still undecided? Check out the below video demo, or read through some of the customer reviews on Amazon.

Video Demonstration:

Comparison Reviews:

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