Babywearing Benefits and Dangers – A Must Read

The Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing - ERGO Baby CarrierThey call it “babywearing”, and it’s the most natural way to care for your baby. It’s not only beneficial to you, allowing you to free up your hands and giving you a sense of freedom, but it’s also beneficial to your baby. Research has shown that babywearing, or babies that are carried, cry on average, 43% less. How many times have you heard, “as soon as I pick him up, he’s okay, but I can’t carry him all day, I have things to do.” Whether it’s the laundry calling your name, or the need for exercise tapping at your door, you can do it all with a proper baby carrier. Think about it, instead of starring up at the ceiling above the crib, or at passing legs through the opening of a stroller, your little one is seeing the world from up high, taking it all in, the mental stimulation alone is healthy for your baby. Research has also shown that newborns that are carried tend to adapt better, and quicker to the world outside the womb. They also become independent quicker. With so many benefits, the only question becomes, which baby carrier is right for me and my baby? Well you’ve come to the right place!

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The Dangers of Babywearing

Babywearing with a Boba 2G Baby CarrierI’m not a fan of the sling style carriers, but that’s just a matter of opinion. I believe that the Soft Structured Baby Carrier is a SAFER alternative for babywearing, however, safer is the keyword. No matter what you choose for your babywearing pleasure, please, please be aware of the dangers. Here are a few things you can do to keep your baby safe:

1) First of all, do your research, and read the reviews. If you have a baby carrier in mind, make sure it hasn’t been recalled, and see what current owners have to say. Are they satisfied with their purchase? Are there any safety concerns?

2)I DO NOT recommend purchasing used baby carriers for babywearing, mainly because you don’t know what kind of stress they’ve already been put through. If you do, triple check the quality. In fact, every time you use your baby carrier, used or new, before you put it on, and before you put your baby in it, check for stress points. Make sure that there are not any tears in the material, or thinning. Also check the buckles for strength. If you have any doubt, retire your baby carrier, and get another one.

3)The third major cause of injury while using a  baby carry is improper usage. Read the directions. Most of these baby carriers are somewhat complex, especially if they offer multiple carrying positions. Make sure you know how to use it, and how to adjust it, BEFORE you use it. If you do decide to use a sling style carrier for babywearing, make sure that your baby has plenty of breathing room. Suffocation is the leading cause of DEATH. Make sure your baby is positioned in such a way that his/her airways stay open.


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