Beco Butterfly 2 Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Beco Butterfly 2 Customer Rating: 102/120 – 85%5star

Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Review

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  • Top quality smooth fabrics, in several different styles
  • Option of front or back positions
  • Upper body support for baby or toddler
  • Padded waistband
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Padded leg holes, gives your baby’s little thighs complete comfort
  • Removable sleeping hood (can also be used as a sun/rain hood)
  • Removable infant insert and head rest
  • Minimum weight: 6 pounds
  • Max weight: 45 pounds
  • Easy to put on – Internal sling, enables you to buckle your baby in, then handle baby plus carrier as a single unit.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD

Beco Butterfly 2 Review:

What I Love:

Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Review - Back Carry

Internal Sling – Oh how I love this feature! So basically, if you’re carrying your baby around and you need to pass him or her off to your partner, you don’t have to take Baby out of the carrier before removing it and handing it over. Also, if you want to switch from front carry to back carry, all you do is take it off, with baby still safety secured inside, and position it on your back. All I can say is, AAAMMAAZING! Way to go Beco Baby!

Removable Infant Insert – The Beco Butterfly 2 comes with a removable infant insert. That’s right, you don’t have to buy one separately! HUGE Plus! That means you can use it from 6 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds.

Taller & Wider Body – The body of the carrier is actually taller, and wider than most soft structured baby carriers, which means more support as your baby grows. Also, the Beco Butterfly 2 comes with additional head support that can be folded down when not in use.Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Review

Removable Head Rest – I love the fact that the sleep hood, aka head rest, is removable and not integrated. It stores in its own sleeve on the waist belt, and when you want to use it, simply attach it to the buttons below the head support, and to the buckles on the shoulder straps. It’s that easy. Plus, if you choose not to use it, or bring it along, you can use the sleeve as a small storage pocket. Just keep in mind that it is open on both sides, so make sure that you don’t lose the car keys.

Comfort and Adjustments – The shoulder straps and waist belt on the Beco Butterfly 2 offer plenty of padding. They’re also wide, which tends to keep them in place better. The adjustment range is also more than adequate, with the shoulder straps adjusting from 23″ to 45″, and the waist belt adjusting from 28″ to 57″.

What I Don’t Like:

Not Great for Breastfeeding – If you plan on breastfeeding while carrying, the internal sling makes it extremely difficult. It can be done, but it’s a pain.

No Storage – The Beco Butterfly 2 has no additional storage. I mentioned above that you can use the head rest sleeve for storage, but it’s really not enough. You might be able to store one or two small items in there, but I would be a little too nervous about putting my keys in there, just because it’s open on both sides.

Customer Feedback:

The Beco Butterfly 2 did really well in terms of customer feedback. With 57 out of 69 rating it 4 or 5 stars. That’s an 83% customer satisfaction rating.

Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Review - Brown

Beco Butterfly 2 in Brown – On SALE @ Amazon $99.00

Most absolutely loved how easy it was to use, especially with back carry. The internal sling was a big hit, and so was the removable infant insert. The thing that really impressed me was the fact that so many of the reviewers plainly stated that this was not their first baby carrier. Some of them had a list of 5 or 6, yet the Beco Butterfly 2 was by far their absolute favorite.

As for complaints, well no baby carrier is perfect. The biggest complaint was that the Beco Butterfly 2 is a bit more complicated to use. It has a lot more buckles to deal with, and it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. In fact, one reviewer actually purchased it months ago, tried it, thought it was too complicated, and purchased a different baby carrier. After getting fed up with her new baby carrier, she went back to the Beco Butterfly 2, watched the DVD’s, and then was hooked. All I can say is, make sure that you watch the DVD, it’s extremely useful.

Another common complaint was regarding the left over straps. The Beco Butterfly 2 offers a large range of adjustments, which is awesome, but if you are on the petite side, all of the excess strap can get annoying.

Also, as I mentioned above, the internal sling makes breastfeeding while carrying a bit of a pain. While several reviewers complained about this, there were also quite a few that commented on the fact that it could be done. I suppose if you unbuckle the internal sling on one side, you could pull it off.

Aside from that, most seemed to love it, stating that it was worth every penny! If you’re still undecided, check out the video demonstration below to see how it works, or read through some of the customer feedback on Amazon.

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