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Beco Butterfly II VS. Beco GeminiOkay, so you’ve decided on a Beco Baby Carrier, excellent choice! These Baby Carriers are not only stylish in design, and made from top quality fabrics, but they provide a healthy ergonomic position for your little one, and a comfortable weight distribution for you. The only problem is……you can’t decide between the Beco Butterfly II or the Beco Gemini. They are both excellent soft structured baby carriers, however, there are 5 key differences that will help you decide.

Beco Butterfly II Vs. Beco Gemini – Differences:

Beco Butterfly II Vs. Beco Gemini

Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier @ Amazon

The first, and perhaps most important difference is the available carrying positions. The Beco Butterfly II offers 2 carrying positions, front facing in, or back. The Beco Gemini offers 4, front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back carry. For my daughter and I, the front facing out position is extremely important. She wants to be able to see the world, not my chest.

The second key difference is that the Beco Butterfly II comes with a unique internal sling, or y-shaped panel that goes between the baby and the wearer. This makes it extremely easy to switch positions from front to back, mostly because you don’t have to remove baby.

Beco Gemini Vs. Beco Butterfly II

Beco Gemini @

The third difference is that the Beco Butterfly II comes with a removable infant insert which can be used from 6 pounds up to 15 pounds. The Beco Gemini has a width alternating base that supports smaller babies down to 7.7 pounds, therefore there is no need for an insert.

The fourth difference, the Beco Butterfly II comes with a removable sleeping hood that gives a sleeping baby privacy, or protects the little one from the sun. The Beco Gemini does not.

The fifth difference is that the Beco Butterfly II carries 10 pounds more, with a max weight recommendation of 45 pounds. The Beco Gemini offers a max weight recommendation of 35 pounds.

Beco Butterfly II Or Beco Gemini – Conclusion:

Price – Depending on the pattern and color that you choose, the listing prices for both the Beco Butterfly II and the Beco Gemini range from $139.00 to $189.00.

What it all comes down to is, do you want the internal sling, sleeping hood, and the extra 10 pounds for a max weight? If so, than I highly recommend the Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier. It is currently on SALE at Amazon for $139.00

If you’d rather have the front facing out, and hip carry positions, as well as the width alternating base, than I fully recommend the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier. It is currently on SALE at Amazon for $129.00.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below including video demonstrations, the good and the bad, and customer feedback.

Beco Butterfly II Review & Video Demo

Beco Gemini Review & Video Demo


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