Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier Original – Comparison Review

Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby CarrierIf you happen to find yourself stuck between the Beco Gemini and the ERGO Baby Carrier Original, I might be able to help. First let’s take a look at what they have in common.


  • Made with 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton
  • Offer front facing-in, back, and hip carry
  • Wide padded waist belts for lumbar support
  • Adjustable chest straps


Beco Gemini Advantages:

Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier - Beco Carrying Positions

Front Facing-out Carry – The Beco Gemini offers four carrying positions, front facing-in, front facing-out, hip carry, and back carry.  The ERGO Baby Carrier only offers front facing-in, hip, and back carry.

Lower weight capacity – You can use the Beco Gemini right from the start. It offers a width alternating base that allows you to carry babies as little as 7 pounds. The ERGO Baby Carrier has a minimum weight capacity of 12 pounds, however, you can opt to purchase the infant insert separately that will allow you to carry a newborn.

Taller carrier body – The Beco Gemini measures 15″ with the head rest folded down, which is 2″ more than the ERGO Baby Carrier. This means more back support for older babies. Also, with the head rest unfolded, you get 3.5″ more in height.

Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier - Shoulder Strap AdjustersHead rest – In some cases, a head rest is more practical than a sleep hood and it provides more head support for smaller babies.

Buckle adjusters are attached to the carrier – This is a tough one to explain. The adjusters for the shoulder straps are attached to the Beco Gemini. This makes them easier to locate, and you never have to worry about the riding up under your armpits. The adjusters on the ERGO Baby Carrier are free, which means that as you adjust them they move, and they could end up under your armpits, rubbing you raw.


ERGO Baby Carrier Advantages:

Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier - ERGO Hip CarryMore padding – Both baby carriers offer plenty of padding, but the ERGO Baby Carrier offers a tad bit more. With one inch, high density foam in the shoulder straps, and a quarter inch high density foam in the waist belt, it’s no wonder it’s been named one of the most comfortable baby carriers.

Higher weight capacity – You can use the ERGO Baby Carrier all the way up to 45 pounds. You can only use the Beco Gemini up to 35 pounds.

Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier - Sleep Hood & StorageStorage – You get one large stuff pouch that is meant to hold the sleep hood when not in use, but also doubles for storage. Plus you also get one large zippered pocket. The Beco Gemini has NO storage.

Sleeping hood – The ERGO Baby sleep hood is detachable with simple snaps, plus it’s also height adjustable and it has elastic sides that provide a better fit. Sleep hoods are nice for privacy, and they provide excellent coverage on warm sunny day.

Wider seat – The ERGO Baby Carrier measures 14″ wide, which is about 3″ wider than the Beco Gemini at its widest setting. Wider seats provide more support for larger babies.



Beco Gemini Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier - Back CarryI personally like both of these baby carriers very much. I especially like the versatility of the Beco Gemini. All of the carrying options, plus the fact that you don’t have to purchase anything extra to use it with your newborn. And then on top of that, the width alternating base is so easy to do that you can do it while wearing it. If you have more than one child, say a newborn and a two year old, you can easily switch back and forth between newborn carry and toddler carry. That’s not so easy with the ERGO. You have to use a separate infant insert.

I do love the fact that you can carry your child all the way up to 45 pounds with the ERGO, but it would be nice if the body of the carrier was taller and more supportive. I LOVE the storage pockets too! Storage is a big deal to me. I hate having to carry an extra bag, and the ERGO’s zippered pocket is perfect for my keys, debit card, and cell phone.

Sale Prices:

The best prices are almost always at Amazon, however, you have to be careful when purchasing the ERGO Baby Carrier from Amazon. There are several un-trusted dealers out there selling FAKE ERGO’s.  I typically send people to Target to purchase the ERGO, but I did find a good deal on Amazon for a bundle, which  includes the infant insert, and it’s sold by La Stella Blu, which is a trusted dealer. Click the link below for today’s current sale price.

ERGO Baby Carrier Bundle w/Insert – At Amazon for $130.00

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – At Amazon for $129.00


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