Beco Gemini Vs. Pikkolo Carrier – Which Baby Carrier Is Best?

Beco Gemini Vs. Pikkolo CarrierThe Beco Gemini and the Pikkolo Carrier have a lot in common, however there are a few differences that set them apart, and may help you decide.


  • Both have a minimum weight capacity: 8 pounds
  • 4 Carrying positions – Front-facing in and out, hip carry, and back carry.
  • Both offer adjustable bases which allow you to carry smaller babies, or older babies forward facing-out.
  • Direct contact for nursing
  • Adjustable chest straps, aka sternum straps
  • You can cross the shoulder straps on both the Pikkolo and the Beco Gemini. This gives you more support while using the front carry positions.

Pikkolo Carrier


Beco Gemini Vs. Pikkolo Carrier - Front Carry

Pikkolo Carrier @ Amazon

Extra wide shoulder straps with deluxe memory foam padding – The Pikkolo’s shoulder straps are a tad bit wider, which could be good and it could be bad. It’s good if you are average sized, but not so good if you’re on the petite side. All I know is that they are comfortable. It’s the same padding that you’d find in a Tempurpedic mattress!

Sleeping hood – The Pikkolo’s sleeping hood is detachable and it has elastic on the sides that allow you to stretch it to fit over baby’s head.

Higher weight capacity – With the Pikkolo Support Belt you can carry up to 45 pounds. That’s 10 pounds more than the Beco Gemini.

Wider seat for little one – The Pikkolo offers an integrated cinching mechanism that allows you to narrow or widen the seat depending on the size of your baby, or which carrying position you’re using. The seat itself adjusts from 8″ to 13″, that’s about 2″ wider than the Beco Gemini.

Dual-adjust straps – All of the adjustment straps can be tightened from either direction, and you can move the buckle forward or back.


No padding in the waist belt – The waist belt is not padded! You have to buy the Pikkolo Support Belt separately. Without the belt you can only carry up to about 16 pounds comfortably. The Pikkolo Support Belt is absolutely necessary if you want to carry from 16 to 45 pounds.


Beco Gemini


Beco Gemini Vs. Pikkolo Carrier - Front facing in carry

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier @ Amazon

Padded shoulder straps and a padded waist belt – The Beco Gemini waist belt has plenty of padding, and it adjusts about 3″ more than the Pikkolo.

Head Rest – The Beco Gemini does not offer a sleep hood but it does offer a large head rest that can be folded down. The head rest is easier to use than a hood.

Width alternating base – There are snaps on the base of the carrier that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the width according to the size of your baby. You can actually adjust it while your baby is in the carrier. The Pikkolo is not quite as easy.

Less bulky – The Beco Gemini is sleek and simple. The one-piece design is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about needing any extra accessories, like inserts or support belts.


Not good for toddlers – The Beco Gemini body is narrow, and it only goes up to 35 pounds. That’s 10 pounds less than the Pikkolo.

Two-handed buckles – They are called safety buckles, and they take two hands to open. They are meant to prevent accidental opening, but for the most part they’re just annoying.


Beco Gemini Vs. Pikkolo – Conclusion

The Pikkolo Carrier can be used for a longer period of time, but it also costs more when you factor in the cost of the Support Belt. It offers more customization, and it’s better for babies 18 months and up.

The Beco Gemini is better for smaller babies, and it’s easier to use. It’s sleek and stylish, and offers more print options. It’s also less expensive, but it only goes up to 35 pounds.

Sale Prices:

Last I checked, the best prices were at Amazon. Click on the links to get today’s most current sale price.

Pikkolo Carrier – At Amazon for $129.00  

Beco Gemini  – At Amazon for $119.00

If you’re still undecided, read the full reviews listed below for more information, including a customer review summary.

Beco Gemini Review

Pikkolo Carrier Review


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