Beco Soleil Vs. Beco Gemini – What’s the Difference?

Perhaps you’ve heard, there’s a new Beco Baby Carrier on the market. It’s called the Beco Soleil, and although it does look an awful lot like its predecessor, the Beco Gemini, there are quite a few differences that set these two apart. Let’s take a closer look……

Beco Soleil Vs. Beco Gemini – Similarities

  • Beco Soleil vs. Beco GeminiSame basic design, offers direct contact with your baby, not like the Beco Butterfly II which has the separate overlay of fabric between you and your baby.
  • Great for nursing
  • Both are made with high quality tested materials
  • Both weigh about 1.3 pounds
  • Both offer back, hip, and forward facing-in carrying positions
  • Both can be used with a newborn
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt offer almost the exact same adjustments
  • Both also offer two-handed safety buckles to prevent accidental opening.
  • You can cross the straps in the back while using front carry

Beco Soleil – Advantages

  • You can use the Beco Soleil up to 45 pounds, that’s about 10 more pounds than the Beco Gemini
  • It has a wide darted seat which is especially more comfortable for older toddlers
  • The back panel itself is wider and taller
  • You also get a pocket on the waist band, as well as a toy ring and a key ring for extra’s

Beco Gemini-Advantages

  • No infant insert needed. You have to purchase an insert separate for the Soleil in order to carry your newborn.
  • It has a width alternating base which allows you to carry smaller babies, and enables you to use front facing-out.
  • The built-in headrest folds up or down and provides ample support.


Both the Beco Soleil and the Beco Gemini are excellent choices, however, if you want to carry your little one for longer, the Soleil may be the better choice. Keep in mind, you will have to purchase a separate infant insert if you plan on carrying your newborn with the Beco Soleil. You can get an infant insert on Amazon for about $25.00, which isn’t bad, but it’s that much more expensive than the Beco Gemini. At least with the Gemini, you won’t have to worry about an insert, the base can be adjusted accordingly.

So, overall, you get more use out of the Beco Soleil, but you also have to pay a pretty penny for it. Below I’ve listed the current sale prices on Amazon. Click on the link to get today’s most current price.

Beco Soleil Baby Carrier – at Amazon for $129.00

Beco Soleil Infant Insert ( 7-15 pounds) – at Amazon for $25.00

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – at Amazon for $129.00


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