Beco Soleil – The New Beco Baby Carrier!

There’s a new Beco Baby Carrier in town!

It’s called the Beco Soleil, and no, I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce it, but it looks pretty promising.

Beco Soleil and Beco Gemini

Beco Soleil on Left, Gemini on Right.

Right off the bat I noticed a huge difference between it and the Beco Gemini. The body of the carrier is wider and taller, so as to support your growing baby in a better, more ergonomically correct way. Of course, the wider and taller seat also means no forward facing out carry, which is one of the reasons why the Beco Gemini is so popular.

Now, the Beco Soleil does offer 3 carrying positions, front facing in, back carry, and hip carry. You also have the option of crossing the straps while using the front carry position, huge plus in my book!

You can also use the Beco Soleil for your newborn quite easily with the addition of the infant insert that goes from 7 to 15 pounds. It’s also breastfeeding capable, and it comes with a padded headrest. The leg openings are also padded, so as to keep your little ones legs from chafing.

Did I mention that the Beco Soleil also goes up to 45 pounds? So, not only can you use it with your newborn, but you can also cart your toddler around, and like I said, there’s no complicated adjustments involved.

The Beco Soleil also comes with a built-in pocket on the waist band, perfect for storing your phone, as well as a toy ring for baby’s favorite toy, and a key ring. You can also get a sleep hood, but it’s sold separately.


  • Weight capacity: 7-45 pounds with insert (infant insert 7-15 pounds, sold separately)
  • Carrying options: Front facing-in, back, and hip
  • Wide base and high back panel
  • Padded headrest and padded leg openings
  • Cross strap capable for front carry
  • Storage pocket on waist belt
  • Key ring and toy ring included
  • Sleep hood sold separately

Beco Soleil Customer Feedback

As far as customer feedback goes, it’s still new to the market so there’s not a whole lot out there yet, but from what I can tell, there’s a lot of love going around.

Beco Soleil Baby Carrier - Black

Beco Soleil @ Amazon for $129.00

On Amazon alone, 11 out of 15 rated the Beco Soleil 4 or 5 stars, stating that it was a wonderful carrier, easy to use, a posture saver with no armpit digging, and perfect for toddlers.

As for negative feedback, the biggest complaint was regarding the two-handed safety buckles. They take some getting used to. Also, there were a couple reviewers that said that the Beco Soleil was not as comfortable as the ERGO, but overall, they liked the more supportive body. One reviewer stated that the Soleil was just not comfortable on her narrow body, while another reviewer commented that it was perfect for her long torso. Personally, my only complaint is the fact that you have to buy the Beco Soleil Infant Insert separately, which usually runs about $25.00, making the overall cost somewhere around $155.00. Bummer!

So, there you have it! The new Beco Soleil seems to be a hit so far. Compared to Beco’s other two carriers, the Gemini, and the Butterfly II, I’d say that the Soleil seems to be a tad bit easier to use, more supportive for both you and your child, and it comes with a few more extra’s that make life easier too.

For more information, check out the Customer Reviews on Amazon, or visit

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