Best Baby Carrier – What Is The BEST Baby Carrier For You & Your Baby?

ERGO Baby Carrier Whole FamilyWhat is the BEST baby carrier? Honestly, the answer to that question depends on several factors. First and foremost, how long do you want to carry your baby? When do you want to start carrying your baby? What kind of climate do you live in (it’s actually a really important question)? What features are more important to you? And how much do you want to spend?

Personally, I feel that there are several “best baby carriers”. The real question is, which one of these “best baby carriers” is best for you? So, what I’m going to do is single out a few of my personal favorites and explain why I feel that each one is the best baby carrier.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier

Pikkolo Baby Carrier @ Amazon

First off, one of my absolute favorites, the Pikkolo Baby Carrier. So, why is the Pikkolo Baby Carrier one of the best baby carriers? Three reasons, number one being the positions. The Pikkolo Baby Carrier offers all of them, including front facing in, front facing out, hip, or back. My daughters favorite position is front facing out, and unfortunately not all baby carriers offer it. Number two, the Pikkolo Baby Carrier is designed to carry an infant from 8 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds without the need for an additional infant insert. Number three is comfort. It’s 100% cotton, offers wide padded shoulder straps and an internal X support system. The buckles are dual adjust, therefore making adjustments while wearing it extremely easy. Plus, the Pikkolo offers the option of criss-crossing the straps while wearing it in the front carry position, providing more back support. It comes with a soft cotton sleeping hood, and safety buckles. The only things I don’t like about the Pikkolo Baby Carrier is the fact that the waist belt is not padded. You have to actually buy an additional padded waist belt accessory, which I feel is an absolute must. Also, the safety buckles are great, but they require two hands instead of one, which is kind of a pain. In the end, the Pikkolo Baby Carrier costs $129.00, include the price of the padded waist belt accessory, which is $22.00, you’ll end up spending around $151.00.

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active - Black

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active – Black

My second favorite is the Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active. The reason I feel this is one of the best baby carriers is because, it is designed specifically to make carrying your newborn super easy. My most favorite feature is the two-piece design that allows you to transfer your sleeping baby from carrier to crib virtually undisturbed. The Babybjorn Baby Carriers are only meant to carry a newborn from 8 pounds up to 26 pounds. They are not meant to carry older babies. They’re also designed to allow breastfeeding while carrying, which can be extremely handy, and they offer both front facing out and front facing in. The Babybjorn Active Carrier offers more back support than the original, as well as more breath-ability. What I don’t like about the Babybjorn Baby Carriers is the fact that it won’t carry older babies, which means that you’ll eventually have to purchase another baby carrier for when they surpass the 26 pound weight limit. As for price, the Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active is regularly priced at $129.95, however, it’s currently on sale at Amazon in black for $87.58, 33% off.

ERGO Performance Baby Carrier

ERGO Performance Baby Carrier @ Amazon

My third favorite would most likely be the ERGO Performance Baby Carrier. The ERGO line of baby carriers are by far some of the best selling baby carriers on the market. So what makes the ERGO Performance Baby Carrier one of the best baby carriers? Well, the number one thing is comfort. The ERGO Performance offers padded, contoured shoulder straps, and a quarter inch high density EVA foam waist belt. The fabric is 100% polyester mesh with cotton wicking lining, therefore much, much cooler than the original, and it’s extremely adjustable. The ERGO Performance is also high quality, offering reinforced stitching, interior rip-stop reinforcements at critical intersections, and it’s strength tested up to 90 pounds. It also offers 3 carrying positions, front facing in, hip, and back carry. Now, what I don’t like about the ERGO Performance is that it only offers a minimum weight capacity of 15 pounds. It goes all the way up to 40 pounds, but if you want to carry your newborn, you’ll have to purchase an additional infant insert sold separately. Also, it’s missing the front facing out carry position, which is my daughters favorite. Aside from that, the ERGO Performance is practically perfect. The ERGO Performance will run you about $135.00, and if you plan on carrying a newborn from 8 to 15 pounds you’ll have to purchase an additional infant insert for $25.00, therefore making your total somewhere around $160.00. Now if light fabric and breath-ability are not priorities, you could always purchase the original ERGO Baby Carrier which costs roughly $115.00.

So that’s it folks, my number one picks for the best baby carrier award. If you have an opinion of your own, please feel free to leave a comment. I love hearing from real Mom’s, especially babywearing Mom’s. If you’re still having trouble deciding, or you’d like some additional information, check out the FULL Reviews listed below.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active

ERGO Performance Baby Carrier


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