Best Rated Backpack Child Carriers

Deuter Kid Comfort II Backpack Child Carrier - Man with child

Deuter Kid Comfort II

When it comes to choosing the best backpack child carrier for you and your little one, there are several things consider.

For instance, which one will offer you and your child the most comfort? This is especially important when it comes to going the distance.

Which one will be the most convenient? This is extremely important for those that plan on carrying their child solo, in other words, without any additional company. Some backpack child carriers are harder to manage alone.

Weight capacity and storage is also important. If you’re a serious outdoor enthusiast, and you plan on doing some serious outdoor adventures, the more room the better, and the higher the weight capacity the better.

Below I’ve listed two of the best lines of child carriers. Both lines are considered to be full featured child carriers designed specifically for hiking.

Best Backpack Child Carriers

Deuter Kid Comfort Backpack Child Carriers

Deuter Kid Comfort III Backpack Child Carrier - Black/Stone - Back View

Deuter Kid Comfort III

The Deuter Kid Comfort line includes the Kid Comfort I, which is very basic, the Kid Comfort II, and the Kid Comfort III.

The Deuter Kid Comfort II and III are both considered to be full-featured backpack child carriers. They are specifically designed for going the distance and offer a few more comfort features for the wearer, and more room for the child.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier’s have is the Vari-flex waist belt. It pivots in the center, and the hip fins move with your body. So instead of trudging up a hillside with a stiff pack attached to your back, you’ll find that the these backpack child carriers move with your body.

In addition to that, they’re lightweight, weighing a little less than 7 pounds. Plus, both also offer a maximum load weight of 48.5 pounds. So if your child weighs 30 pounds, you can pack on an additional 18.5 pounds of gear without going over the maximum weight capacity. And yes, they both have plenty of room to store that extra 18.5 pounds of gear.  The Deuter Kid Comfort Carriers also offer a water belly pocket for hydration pack storage behind the back panel, so no need to carry those extra water bottles.

Deuter Kid Comfort III Backpack Child Carrier - Weather Shield

Deuter Kid Comfort III – Weather Shield

In terms of comfort, these backpack child carriers offer a ventilated air-contact back system that reduces perspiration, plus 3D-air mesh lining all along the inside of the shoulder straps, and waist belt.

Your little one will be comfortable too in his/her cockpit seat. The Deuter Kid Comfort Carriers offer the same 3D-air mesh lining in the back of the cockpit seat, so your little one won’t get overheated either. Plus, the shoulder straps on the harness have extra padding, and there’s a soft removable chin pad, in case your little one decides to take a nap.

In addition, the Deuter Kid Comfort III comes with a built in weather shield that zips on, whereas the Deuter Kid Comfort II does not, you must purchase it separately.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Backpack Child Carrier - Side View

Deuter Kid Comfort II

As for convenience, both the Deuter Kid Comfort II and III offer side entry. So, instead of having to lift your child above the seat and line their little legs up perfectly to fit in the seat wholes, you simply un-clip the side and your child can seat themselves. You won’t realize how nifty this feature is until you’ve had to live without it, trust me.

These two backpack child carriers also offers a locking kickstand which enables you to set the carrier down with your child in it, and not have to worry about it collapsing. This feature is especially nice on a long hike when you need a little rest. The only problem is that once you’ve put the backpack child carrier on, it’s extremely difficult to unlock the kickstand by yourself. I have found that if you simply unlock it on the lift, before you position it on your back, then you don’t have to worry about trying to reach the button.

Where to Buy:

Last I checked, the best sale prices where at Amazon. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change daily, so click on the link to get today’s current sale price, or click on the full review to get more buying options.

Deuter Kid Comfort IIOn SALE for $179.95 – 25% OFF

Deuter Kid Comfort IIIOn SALE for $297.00

**As a side note, if you plan on frequent outdoor activities, a sunshade is a must. The Deuter Sun & Rain Cover is included with the Kid Comfort III, but not with the Kid Comfort II. It is currently on SALE at Amazon for $34.00.


Kelty Backpack Child Carriers

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Backpack Child Carrier - Evergreen

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0

The ever popular Kelty line of backpack child carriers has recently expanded to include a number of new designs. The Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 and the Kelty Journey 2.0 are two of them. They replace the Kelty FC 3.0 and the Kelty FC 2.0.

Weighing just over 7 pounds, the Kelty Pathfinder and the Kelty Journey come equipped with auto-deploy kickstands that deploy automatically when the shoulder straps are loosened, and likewise collapse when the shoulder straps are tightened. This feature, along with the V-Bar Structured cockpit seat, also known as the roll-cage, are what made the Kelty Backpack Child Carriers so popular to begin with.

Both also include the same sophisticated suspension systems, as well as the 50 pound maximum carrying weight capacity. As for adjustments, both the Kelty Pathfinder and the Kelty Journey still offer the same easy to use sliding torso-adjuster, double padded waist belt, and thermo-formed shoulder straps and back panel. So what’s new?

Kelty Journey 2.0 Backpack Child Carrier - Rio Red

Kelty Journey 2.0

First of all, both the Kelty Pathfinder and the Kelty Journey now come with the Kelty Rain/Sun Cover automatically. Previously, only the Kelty FC 3.0 came standard with the cover and you had to purchase it separately for the FC 2.0. Both also come equipped with hydration pack storage, and a mesh water bottle pocket on the waist belt for easy access.

Personally, while all that is great, I think the best improvement would have to be the new child safety harness. They’ve made it easier to get your little one in and out by adding buckles for the shoulder straps, and easy access leg loops.

Now, the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 is a bit more expensive than the Journey, but that’s because it comes with a zip off, full featured day pack and changing pad.

Where to Buy:

Once again, the best sale prices are at Amazon. Click on the links to see today’s current sale price, or read the full review for more buying options.

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0On SALE for $224.38 – 20% OFF

Kelty Journey 2.0On SALE for $199.95 – 13% OFF


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