Boba 3G Vs. Beco Gemini – Which Baby Carrier Is Best For You?

Boba 3G Vs. Beco GeminiAs of right now, the Boba 3G Carrier and the Beco Gemini are probably two of the most popular baby carriers on the market. So, if you find yourself stuck between the two, I can help.


  • Both have a minimum weight limit of 7 pounds
  • Both offer direct contact for nursing while carrying
  • Both also offer wide padded shoulder straps and a wide, curved, padded waist belt for lumbar support
  • Both offer adjustable chest straps
  • Both also offer organic cotton options


Boba 3G Carrier Advantages

Boba 3G Vs. Beco Gemini - Foot StirrupsHigher weight limit – You can used the Boba 3G Carrier all the way up to 45 pounds. It’s the perfect carrier for growing toddlers. The Beco Gemini can only carry up to 35 pounds, so it is not considered a toddler carrier.

Detachable foot stirrups – As your toddler grows and their legs get longer, they tend to dangle. The foot stirrups are designed to offer more support in the seated position, so no dangling. Plus they’re adjustable. You can move them up and down, or from side to side.

Boba 3G Vs. Beco Gemini - Boba FeaturesMore extras – The Boba 3G comes with a sleeping hood that is also height adjustable, and detachable. Plus you get two storage pockets, one on top for the sleep hood or whatever else you can fit in it, and one on the waist belt. You also get this nifty little purse strap holder on the shoulder strap. You can hook your purse in so that it doesn’t slide off your shoulder.

Taller and wider body – The carrier body on the Boba 3G measures 16.5″ tall, which is about 1.5″ more than the Beco Gemini without the headrest. It’s also about 1.5″ wider than the Gemini. This just means that it will support a toddler better.

Dual-adjust straps – All of the adjustments can be tightened from either direction. This is handy when there’s multiple carrying positions. The Beco Gemini does not have dual-adjust, but the buckle adjuster is located on the body of the carrier which still makes it pretty easy.


Beco Gemini Advantages:

Boba 3G Vs. Beco Gemini - Beco front facing-in w/headrest and hip carryMore carrying options – The Beco Gemini is a 4 in 1 carrier. You get front facing-out, front facing-in, hip carry, and back carry. The Boba 3G only offers front facing-in and back carry.

Converts easily for newborn carry – The Beco Gemini has a width alternating base that’s quick and easy to do. You can actually do it while you’re wearing it and your baby. The Boba 3G also converts to a newborn carrier but you have to un-thread the straps and flip the buckles. It’s time consuming, and kind of a pain.

More head support for newborn – The Beco Gemini has a head rest instead of a sleep hood. Some people prefer a headrest over a sleep hood, especially with a newborn. This headrest is quite large. When in use it adds an extra 4.5″ of body to the carrier.

Safety buckles – This could be good and bad. Yes, they can be a pain to unbuckle because you have to use two hands. At the same time they also prevent accidental opening, so you be the judge.

Shoulder Straps Cross – You have two options with the Beco Gemini, you can wear it backpack style, or with the shoulder straps crossed in the back for more support.



If you have an older baby I highly recommend the Boba 3G Carrier. Not only will you get more use out of it in the long run, but you also get a bunch of extra’s, like the purse strap holder, storage, foot stirrups, and sleeping hood. You can usually get the Boba 3G at Amazon for $120.00. Click on the link to get today’s most current price.

If Baby is not yet born or still a newborn, then the Beco Gemini may be more your style, especially if you want the option to carry them front facing-out or on your hip. Don’t forget that you also get the option of crossing the straps in the back for more support when you’re using both front carry positions. You can usually get the Beco Gemini at Amazon for $129.00. Click on the link to get today’s most current price.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews below.

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