Boba Carrier 2G Vs. ERGO Baby Carrier – What’s the Best Baby Carrier?

Boba Carrier 2G Vs. ERGO Baby CarrierThe Boba Carrier 2G and the ERGO Baby Carrier have a few things in common, however, if you’re having a hard time deciding between the two I can point out a few differences that may help you decide.

First of all, let’s see what they have in common. Both the ERGO Baby Carrier and the Boba Carrier 2G offer ergonomically correct sitting positions, are made with soft cotton fabrics, and offer both front and back carrying positions.

Both baby carriers also come with sleeping hoods, and offer padded shoulder straps, and a padded waist belt.

Both the ERGO Baby Carrier and the Boba Carrier 2G also offer an adjustable chest strap, have a minimum weight recommendation of around 12 to 15 pounds, and a max of 45 pounds.


ERGO Baby Carrier - Galaxy Grey

ERGO Baby Carrier @ Target

The ERGO Baby Carrier offers the option of purchasing an infant insert, sold separately, that will allow you to carry an infant from 7 to 12 pounds. The Boba Carrier 2G does not offer that option.

The ERGO Baby Carrier also offers the hip carry position, and a storage pocket.

The Boba Carrier 2G has no storage, but it does offer unique, detachable foot stirrups that support proper leg alignment and blood flow.

The ERGO Baby Carrier offers a bit more adjustment in the shoulder straps, while the Boba Carrier 2G offers a bit more adjustment in the waist belt.

The ERGO’s shoulder straps will adjust from 24″ to 45″, whereas the Boba Carrier 2G’s shoulder straps can be cinched up smaller and adjust from 19″ to 38″.

The ERGO Baby Carrier’s waist belt adjusts from 26″ to 55″. The Boba Carrier 2G’s waist belt adjusts from 28″ to 56″. These adjustments are not a huge difference, but some baby carriers fit smaller people better, and others fit larger people better.

Boba Carrier 2G

Boba Carrier 2G @ Amazon

The only other difference is price. The Boba Carrier 2G lists for around $100.00, and the ERGO Baby Carrier Original lists for about $115.00, depending on the color.

As for reviews, both baby carriers did really well. The Boba Carrier 2G had the highest customer satisfaction rating with 104 out of 116 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, giving it a 90%.

The ERGO Baby Carrier had the most reviews with 323 out of 372 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars. That’s about an 87% customer satisfaction rating.


Boba Carrier 2G

If you’re looking for a baby carrier that offers the best possible support for your little one, and has excellent reviews, then I definitely recommend the Boba Carrier 2G. It’s currently on SALE at Amazon for $90.00.

FYI, there is also a new Boba Carrier on the market now. It’s called the Boba Carrier 3G, and it allows you to carry your baby from 7 pounds up to 45 pounds without the addition of any infant inserts.

ERGO Baby Carrier Original

If you’re looking for a baby carrier with ergonomic support for your little one, storage, and plenty of padding and comfort for you, then I definitely recommend the ERGO Baby Carrier. It’s the most popular multi-position baby carrier on the market. Not only does it offer both the front and back carry positions, but it also offers hip carry. You can get the ERGO Baby Carrier currently on SALE at Target for $115.00. Don’t forget, if you want to carry your newborn in the ERGO, you’ll have to also purchase the infant insert.

Note: I no longer recommend buying the ERGO Original at Amazon. Read the FULL REVIEW listed below for more information.

ERGO Baby Carrier Review

Boba Carrier 2G Review


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    Update to reflect the new Boba 3G? It one ups the ergo, you don’t have to buy an insert, the carrier itself conerts to carry from 7lb to 45lb.
    I think the Boba 3G may just blow the Ergo out of the water… And I won’t even mention more popular carriers like the Baby Bjorn…

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