Boba Carrier 2G Vs. ERGO Sport Baby Carrier

ERGO Sport Vs. Boba Carrier 2GBy comparison, the Boba Carrier Classic 2G, and the ERGO Sport have only a few similarities. For instance they both offer ergonomically correct sitting positions, comfortable padded shoulder straps and padded waist belts. Both the Boba Carrier 2G and the ERGO Sport also offer removable sleeping hoods, as well as front and back carrying positions. Aside from those common features, these two soft structured baby carriers are quite different.


ERGO Sport Baby Carrier - Blue

ERGO Sport Baby Carrier @ Amazon

First of all,  the ERGO Sport Carrier is made from 35% cotton/65% polyester, which means it’s more breathable, and keeps you and your little one cooler. The shoulder straps have a max adjustment of 49″, and a waist belt that adjusts from 32″ to 55″. The ERGO Sport also offers a maximum weight limit of 39.7 pounds.

The Boba Carrier 2G will hold 5 pounds more, offering a maximum weight limit of 45 pounds. It’s made from 100% natural brushed cotton, and therefore will keep you and your little one warmer in cooler climates. The Boba Carrier 2G doesn’t offer as much adjustment in the shoulder straps, but it does start at 19″ and can double in length to 38″. The Boba Carrier 2G waist belt is a tad bit larger, adjusting from 28″ to 56″. The ERGO Sport also offers a waist belt extension accessory that will give you an additional 8”, sold separately of course.

Boba Carrier 2G Classic - Mist

Boba Carrier 2G Classic – Mist @ Amazon

Both the Boba Carrier 2G and the ERGO Sport Carrier have the same minimum weight recommendation of 15 pounds. However, the ERGO Sport offers the option of purchasing a separate infant insert that will allow you to carry 7 to 15 pounds. Also, in addition to offering the front, and back carrying positions, the ERGO Sport also offers the hip carrying position, as well as a large storage pocket for keys, cell phone, etc. The Boba Carrier 2G does not offer an infant insert, but it does offer front and back carrying positions, as well as detachable foot straps that provide proper leg support and enable a healthy sitting position.

As for the prices, the Boba Carrier 2G costs around $100.00 dollars. The ERGO Sport costs around $115.00, however, if you decide to purchase an infant insert that will enable you to carry your newborn, you’re looking at $140.00.


Boba Carrier 2G Classic

If you’re looking for a baby carrier specifically designed to offer your little one more support, and keep your baby warm on cooler days, I definitely recommend the Boba Carrier 2G Classic. Plus it carriers up to 5 pounds more and costs less. Did I mention that the Boba Carrier 2G also has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings? With 104 out of 116 rating the Boba Carrier 2G 4 to 5 stars, that’s a 90% customer satisfaction rating. Plus, you can get it on SALE at Amazon for $90.00.

ERGO Sport Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for a baby carrier that will keep you and your little one cooler on hot days, has some storage, and offers the hip carry position, then I definitely recommend the ERGO Sport Baby Carrier. It offers lightweight, breath-able material, and it has one storage pocket for necessities. The ERGO Sport Baby Carrier can also be used with a newborn with the purchase of an infant insert. Plus, you can get the ERGO Sport on SALE at Amazon for $98.00.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below including video demonstrations, customer feedback, and full list of features.

Boba Carrier 2G Classic Review & Video Demo

ERGO Sport Baby Carrier Review & Video Demo


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