Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Pikkolo Carrier – Which Is Best For You?

Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Pikkolo CarrierIf you’re looking for the best soft structured baby carrier you might find yourself comparing the Boba Carrier 3G to the Pikkolo Carrier. These two baby carriers have several things in common, however, there are a few differences that may help you decide.


  • Both are made with 100% cotton material (The Boba Carrier 3G also comes in organic cotton)
  • Can be used from around 7/8 pounds up to 45 pounds
  • Wide padded shoulder straps and high quality buckles
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Sleeping hoods
  • Dual-adjust straps

Boba Carrier 3G Advantages:

Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Pikkolo Carrier

Boba Carrier 3G

Detachable foot stirrups – Allow for proper leg alignment and blood flow. They help keep your little one comfortable for longer periods of time.

Storage pocket and purse strap holder – The Boba Carrier 3G offers one small storage pocket on the waist belt. Although it’s not much, at least it’s something. The Pikkolo offers no storage. Also, there’s this nifty little purse strap holder on the shoulder strap. It basically keeps your purse from falling off your shoulder. Ingenious!

Adjustable sleeping hood – While both carriers offer detachable hood-shaped sleeping hoods with elastic sides, the sleep hood on the Boba Carrier 3G is height adjustable.

Padded waist belt – The Pikkolo does not offer a padded waist belt right off the bat. You have to purchase the Pikkolo Support Belt separate if you plan on using it from 16 to 45 pounds. Not with the Boba Carrier 3G! It comes with a fully padded waist belt right from the start!

Wider seat accommodates larger children better – There’s actually only about 1.5 inches more, but it does make a difference. Gives toddlers more back support.

Better for breastfeeding – Side adjustment straps allow you to pull your baby closer to you, making it easier to breastfeed while carrying.


Pikkolo Carrier Advantages:

Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Pikkolo Carrier

Pikkolo Carrier

More carrying options – The Pikkolo offers front facing-in, front facing-out, hip, and back carry. The Boba Carrier 3G only offers front facing-in and back carry.

Converts to a newborn carrier easily – Both baby carriers convert to newborn baby carriers, however, with the Boba Carrier 3G you have to take it apart and re-thread some of the straps, and flip the buckles around. It’s kind of a pain. With the Pikkolo, all you have to do is cinch up the bottom of the carrier and you’re good to go.

Wider shoulder straps can also be crossed for more support – If you’re using the front carry position, sometimes it’s nice to be able to cross the straps in the back for more support, especially as your baby gets older and heavier.


Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Pikkolo – Conclusion:

In the end, because I like them both equally, for me it all comes down to price. Since you have to purchase the Pikkolo Support Belt separately, it ends up costing more. The Pikkolo Carrier and Belt will cost you somewhere around $154.00, whereas the Boba Carrier 3G will cost you about $120.00. Plus, you also get the foot stirrups, storage pocket, and purse strap holder with the Boba. That, and the seat is wider, which means it will accommodate your toddler better.

Now, if you really have your heart set on using the front facing-out, and hip carry positions, I’d say the Pikkolo Carrier is the better choice. The shoulder straps are wider, plus they have memory foam padding, the same stuff you’d find in a Tempurpedic mattress! Also, converting it to a newborn carrier is quick and easy. Let’s say you have two children, a little baby that requires the newborn hold, and a toddler that often times wants to be carried. With the Pikkolo you can easily carry one or the other. With the Boba Carrier 3G, you would have to pull the whole thing apart, flip the buckles, and rethread it. It’s just not convenient.

Sale Price:

Below are the current sale prices listed on Amazon. These prices are subject to change daily, so click on the link to get today’s most current sale price.

Boba Carrier 3G – At Amazon for $112.95

Pikkolo Carrier – At Amazon for $129.00

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below.

Boba Carrier 3G Review

Pikkolo Carrier Review


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