Boba 3G Review – Is It Better Than The 2G Classic?

Boba 3G Customer Rating: 58/70Boba 3G Carrier Review - 5 Stars

Boba 3G Review

Boba 3G Carrier

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  • The Boba 3G can be used from  7 to 45 pounds. No need for an addition infant insert, it easily converts to a newborn carrier with a few adjustments.
  • It offers two carrying positions, front facing-in and back carry.
  • Comes with a removable, and adjustable sleeping hood. It also stores in its own zippered pocket.
  • The Boba 3G offers detachable foot stirrups that adjust from side to side, or up and down. They are designed to help support your child in the sitting position.
  • It offers foam padded shoulder straps that adjust from 20″ to 40″
  • A contoured padded waist belt that adjusts from 25″ to 58″
  • You can breastfeed while carrying.
  • The Boba 3G offers one of the widest, and tallest seats available. Offers an additional 2 – 3″ of height.
  • Offers a zippered storage compartment on the waist belt, as well as one on top for storing the sleep hood.
  • Has an elastic band on the shoulder strap that keeps purse straps at bay.


Boba 3G Review:

I do a lot of research and reviews on baby carriers. Occasionally I will come across one that I absolutely love. And no, I don’t say that about all of of the baby carriers on this website. I will say this, Boba put a lot of thought into this design, and it shows.

What I Love:

Boba 3G Review - Newborn Hold

Newborn Hold

First of all, I love that the Boba 3G converts to a newborn carrier. At first, the conversion seemed complicated to me, and kind of like a pain, but you only have to do it twice. Once in the beginning, and once more when your baby reaches 15 pounds. Unless of course you have two children, one small enough for the newborn hold, and one old enough to be carried regularly. Then it would be a pain. In that case I would suggest a baby carrier with an easier transition, like maybe the ERGO, or the Beco Butterfly II.

I also love that the Boba 3G makes it easier to breastfeed while carrying. It has side adjustment straps that will actually pull your baby closer to you. I don’t think any other soft structured carrier offers this.

Boba 3G Review - Side View of Foot Stirrups

Foot Stirrups

The detachable foot stirrups are great, especially for older children with longer legs. It allows you to keep their legs at a 90 degree angle, instead of dangling at your sides. Plus the Boba 3G foot stirrups adjust from side to side, and up or down. So it doesn’t matter what stage of development your little one is in, you can use them.

I don’t have a whole lot of use for the purse strap holder, mainly because I don’t carry a purse, but I do think it’s an ingenious idea.

The Boba 3G offers one of the widest and tallest seats, making it perfect for a toddler. No leg dangle, which is a huge plus, and if you happen to have a taller toddler, that’s when the foot stirrups come in handy.

The Boba 3G has two storage pockets. One on top that is meant to carry the sleep hood when not in use, but still offers room for junk, and one on the waist belt. For me, having storage is a must.

What I Don’t Like

Boba 3G Review - Pocket on waist belt

Tiny Pocket

When you’re using the newborn carry position, you can’t access the waist belt storage pocket. It folds under. But you still have access to the pocket on top if needed.

Although the Boba 3G does offer addition head support for a newborn, it just doesn’t seem like enough. There’s a strap located in the logo pocket on the back of the carrier, and it’s suppose to cinch the material tighter, giving your baby more support. It does give a little, but not enough as far as I’m concerned. Several reviewers felt the same way. Many of them just rolled up a receiving blanket for some added support.

Customer Feedback

As far as customer reviews go, the Boba 3G Carrier did really well. With 65 out of 74 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, that’s an 88% customer satisfaction rating. Most were extremely pleased with their Boba 3G. The most loved feature seemed to be the addition of the storage pocket, and the purse strap holder.

Negative Feedback:

Boba 3G Review - Back Carry

Boba 3G – Glacier @ Amazon

As for complaints, there were a few. The most common being that it can be hard to use by yourself, and putting an active toddler on your back can be difficult. Well, that’s par for the course. I can’t think of one soft structured baby carrier with the back carry position that doesn’t take practice. In fact, this is a great video demo on how to use back carry with the Boba 3G. See for yourself how complicated it is.

Also, a couple reviewers had some trouble adjusting the straps to fit properly, however, as many of the other reviewers noted, it can be bit tricky at first, especially if you’ve never used a soft structured baby carrier before, but once you get it adjusted, it’s perfect.

The only other complaint was regarding the Boba 3G sternum strap. They basically tried to improve it by making it easier to slide up or down for adjustments. The problem is that now it slides too easy, and has a tendency to slide up when using the front carry position.


Boba 3G Review - Front Carry - Kangaroo

Boba 3G – Kangaroo

All in all, even with the complaints, 86% of the reviewers were still extremely pleased with their Boba 3G Carrier. There was by far, more positive feedback then negative. 37 out of  51 reviewers rated it a FULL 5 stars. With comments like “The only carrier I will ever use”, and “Love, Love, Love my Boba 3G”, it’s quite obvious that the general consensus is, this baby carrier is pretty amazing. Most felt that it was super comfortable, convenient, easy-to-use, and extremely versatile.

Is the Boba 3G better than the 2G? 

I think so. The fact that you can now use it for your newborn all the way through the toddler stage is a huge bonus. I could live without the little purse strap holder, and the tiny pocket, but the overall usability and versatility is what really makes a difference.

There is no perfect baby carrier, but I’d have to say that this one comes pretty close in my book. I’m actually planning on purchasing it for a friend who’s baby is due in the next couple of months. I’m super stoked about the fact that she’ll be able to use it right away.

Get the Boba 3G at Amazon for $120.00

Video Demonstration:

 How to prepare your Boba 3G Carrier for the Newborn Hold

Click here for more Boba Carrier Instructional Videos.

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