Boba Carrier Comparison – Boba 3G Vs. Boba 2G

Boba Carrier 3G Vs. Boba Carrier 2GIf you’re thinking about purchasing a Boba Carrier it’s important to look at your options. The Boba 2G and the Boba 3G have several similarities, however there are some key differences that set them apart.

Boba Carrier Similarities:

  • Maximum weight capacity is 45 pounds
  • Detachable foot stirrups
  • Removable sleeping hoods
  • Adjustable sternum straps
  • Both offer taller, wider seats for more support
  • Foam padded shoulder straps
  • Contoured waist belt
  • Offer both Front facing-in and Back carry positions

Boba Carrier 2G Advantages:

  • Shoulder straps offer a bit more padding. The padding on the Boba Carrier 3G actually starts out further from the body of the carrier. See the picture below to see what I mean.
  • Waist belt is a tad bit wider on the ends with additional padding. The Boba 3G offers storage pockets on the waist belt, so there does seem to be a bit less padding. See picture below.
  • It costs less!

These are excellent pictures from the Ezmama Shoppe Blog

Boba Carrier 2G vs. Boba Carrier 3GBoba Carrier 2G Vs. Baby Carrier 3G - Waist Belts

Boba Carrier 3G Advantages:

Boba 3G Carrier - Montenegro

Boba Carrier 3G – Montenegro

  • Offers a minimum weight capacity of 7 pounds. The Boba 2G can only be used with larger babies, from 15 pounds and up. The Boba 3G actually converts into a newborn carrier from 7 to 15 pounds, and then to a toddler carrier from 15 to 45 pounds.
  • The foot stirrups offer more adjustments. The Boba 2G foot stirrup simply slides from side to side. The Boba 3G also slides from side to side, but it can also be adjusted up or down as well with snaps
  • The Boba 3G sleeping hood is adjustable, and can be cinched tighter when carrying a newborn. It also stores in its own zippered pocket.
  • It has a zippered pocket on the waist belt, and the sleeping hood pocket on top can double for storage when needed.
  • It also has extra head support for infants.
  • Has the new purse strap feature that actually holds your purse in place on your shoulder.
  • The Boba 3G shoulder straps and waist belt offer a tad bit wider range of adjustment. The Boba 2G shoulder straps adjust from 19″ to 38″, whereas the Boba 3G adjusts from 20″ to 40″. The Boba 2G waist belt adjusts from 28″ to 56″, whereas the Boba 3G adjusts from 25″ to 58″.
  • The Boba Carrier 3G also offers military-grade buckles, and the fabric is lighter but still just as durable.


The biggest advantage to the Boba Carrier 2G is the price. It’s definitely the cheaper of the two. Aside from that, it also has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out of all other soft structured carriers, including the Boba 3G. If your baby weighs more than 15 pounds, and you don’t have a need for storage, then by all means, get the Boba 2G. It’s currently on SALE at Amazon. I’ve actually had a hard time finding it anywhere else.

The biggest advantage to the Boba Carrier 3G is the fact that it’s the only baby carrier you will ever need. You can use it from the infant stage through the toddler stage. Plus, it also offers storage,  better foot stirrups, and a purse strap. It normally lists for $120.00 to $125.00. The below prices are the best I’ve found.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below for video demonstrations and customer feedback.

Boba Carrier 2G Review

Boba Carrier 3G Review


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