Chicco Backpack Vs. Kelty TC 3.0 – Which Is Best For You?

Chicco Backpack Vs. Kelty TC 3.0The Chicco Smart Support Baby Backpack Carrier and the Kelty TC 3.0 are both excellent choices. They also have a lot in common. This can make a decision between the two tough, however, there are some pretty unique features that set these two child carriers apart. Let me help you decide.

Both the Kelty TC 3.0 and the Chicco Backpack offer adjustable height child seats, ventilated backs and extra lumbar support for Mom/Dad. Both also offer 5-point child safety harness’s that keep your child safe and secure. Both the Chicco Backpack and the Kelty TC 3.0 can carry up to 40 pounds, and weigh roughly the same, around 6 pounds.


Chicco Backpack Carrier

Chicco Backpack Carrier @ Amazon

Both baby backpack carriers offer rain/sun hoods, however, the Chicco Backpack has an extremely generous rain/sun hood with a zip-quick weather shield. Both baby backpack carriers are also noted for being extremely comfortable with well padded shoulder straps and waist belts, however, the Kelty TC 3.0 is meant to be more of an urban carrier or transit carrier, for short trips to the grocery store, or short hikes. The Chicco Backpack is intended to be used on long hikes, however, it does not offer the storage capacity that the Kelty TC 3.0 offers. It comes with one travel bag, whereas the Kelty TC comes with one large compartment in the rear as well as mesh water-bottle pockets on the sides, and an organizer pocket.

TC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier (Newest Version)

Kelty TC 3.0 (Newest Version) @ Amazon

The Chicco Carrier folds flat for easy transport but it’s quite a bit bigger than the Kelty TC 3.0, which can fit into an airplane over-head easily if used as a carry-on.  Both baby backpack carriers include safety features for loading and unloading. The Kelty TC 3.0 offers a foot stabilizer, and the Chicco Backpack offers a kickstand. As far as extra’s go, the Kelty TC 3.0 comes with a changing pad, toy loops, and a child-view mirror. The Chicco Backpack offers an organizer pocket attached to the shoulder straps, but that’s pretty much it. They both have excellent reviews and the owners of each baby backpack carrier seem satisfied with their purchase. The Kelty TC 3.0 was even voted “2011 Best Baby Carrier” by


Chicco Backpack

Both of these baby backpack carriers would be an excellent choice. The key differences are that the Chicco Backpack is intended for longer outdoor hikes, as well as sticky weather situations. It doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that the Kelty TC offers, but it’s also quite a bit cheaper. You can get the Chicco Backpack at Amazon on SALE for $99.94.

Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier

If you don’t plan on super long outdoor hikes, and you’re looking for more of an urban carrier, smaller, lots of storage, fits great in the airplane over-head compartment, and you don’t mind spending the extra money, the Kelty TC 3.0 Transit Child Carrier may be just what you’re looking for. You can get the Kelty TC 3.0 at Amazon for $159.99.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below.

Kelty TC 3.0 Transit Child Carrier Review & Video Demo

Chicco Smart Support Baby Backpack Carrier Review


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