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Deuter KangaKid Customer Rating: 11/12 – 92%Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier Review - 5 stars

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The Deuter KangaKid is a daypack and child carrier all in one. It’s perfect for light hiking, traveling, or around town use. It’s compact design allows you to pack all your essentials, and your child without taking up too much space.

The Deuter KangaKid is extremely versatile. You can literally use it as an everyday backpack, or diaper bag, and then when your little one gets tired, simply unzip, and wahlaaa….you have a comfortable seat for the little one.

It offers plenty of room for storage, with one large zippered compartment on top, and two smaller zippered compartments on bottom perfect for storing keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. It also offers two mesh water bottle pockets on the sides.

Not only does the Deuter KangaKid offer a well padded child seat with an easy-to-use central tensioning system, but it also offers plenty of comfort for the wearer. With contoured, padded shoulder straps, and a well padded hip belt, all lined with 3D air mesh material, you’ll not only be comfortable, but cool as well. The back panel also features 3D air mesh lining, and it is designed in such a way that it keeps air flowing through the panels, keeping your cool, and a whole lot less sweaty.

The Deuter KangaKid can be used with babies that are capable of holding his/her head up, usually somewhere around 6 months. It’s always a good idea to check with your pediatrician first, just to make sure everything is on the up and up. Also, the Deuter KangaKid has a maximum load weight of 33 pounds, that includes child and gear.


Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier Review - Storage


  • Daypack transforms into a child carrier – simply unzip the child carrier compartment for use
  • Built-in lightweight aluminum frame for stability
  • One large zippered compartment on top, two smaller zippered pockets on the bottom, and two mesh pockets on the sides
  • Child seat offers plenty of padding, and a 5-point adjustable child safety harness
  • Easy-to-use central tensioning system makes it extremely easy to secure your child
  • Generously padded waist belt, allows for proper weight distribution and lifts the load from the shoulders
  • Contoured, padded, tension-adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap keeps shoulder straps in place
  • Deuter KangaKid weighs 4 lbs 6 oz
  • Minimum: Babies must be capable of holding their heads up, usually around 6 months.
  • Maximum load weight (child and gear) – 33 pounds

Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier Review:

Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier Review - Side ViewThe Deuter KangaKid Child carrier is what I like to call, an urban carrier. It’s not intended for super long hikes or treks through the wilderness, but it is perfect for short hikes, shopping around town, any kind of traveling, and even for around the house. I like the compact design, and the fact that you can use it for just a regular daypack if needed.  One reviewer even called it a diaper bag on steroids, and several reviewers stated that it was a Godsend at the airport. Personally, I love my Deuter Kid Comfort II, but sometimes all the space and storage is just unnecessary. That’s when the Deuter KangaKid would definitely come in handy.

As for customer feedback, the Deuter KangaKid did excellent. On Amazon alone it scored 5 out 5, which means 100% customer satisfaction. On REI it scored 6 out 7, which means an 86% customer satisfaction rating. All in all, that’s 92%!

What I don’t like about the Deuter KangaKid is the lack of storage on the waist belt. This child carrier has no kickstand, therefore you can’t simply set it down to get to the storage compartment in the back. It would have been nice to have a pocket in front for those items you need pronto, like fruit snacks, or a sucker! Also, because the Deuter KangaKid has no kickstand, and no real way of setting it down, it’s a two man job just trying to load your precious cargo. Wait…….. I take it back. Where there is a will, there is a way. Several reviewers commented that the Deuter KangaKid was tough to load solo, but they didn’t say it was impossible.

Anyways, I love what Deuter has done here, they’ve created a multi-functional daypack/child carrier. I definitely agree, less is more. I love my Deuter Kid Comfort II, don’t get me wrong, but the thought of having less bulk on my back is a little bit enticing.

The only reason I’d steer clear of the Deuter KangaKid, is if you were planning on using it as a full on hiking, backpacking child carrier. You would definitely need more storage for that, and a little bit more support. So, if that’s what you’re thinking, please check out the Deuter Kid Comfort III or the Deuter Kid Comfort II.

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Customer Feedback:

This pack is a great example of why I’m a Deuter fan!, March 8, 2011Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier on manican

By Nathaniel Allen, (Oakland)

I quickly turned into a Deuter fan using their cycling packs, and have since purchased their packs for skiing, general hydration, and, of course, carrying our son (who is just now outgrowing his Deuter KangaKid as he approaches 2 years old!). Heck, we liked this pack so much we decided to have another baby! 🙂

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Great for Travel, April 24, 2010

By GTRs Mom, (Santa Barbara, CA)

We bought the Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier for a trip to South America which included a cruise. While on our trip the backpack portion served as our diaper bag and we used the carrier when we were in situations where a stroller was not appropriate.

We also have a full size carrier pack, but we end up using this more because of its storage capacity and smaller size. I would highly recommend the Deuter KangaKid, especially for airline travel.

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