Deuter Kid Comfort and Deuter KangaKid – Which One Is Best For You?

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier with man and babyDeuter has been creating quality backpacking gear since 1934. So you can imagine, a lot of thought and research has gone into their Child Carriers. They know what it takes to make a good quality pack.

There are currently 4 models of Deuter Child Carriers currently on the market. The Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carriers which come in 3 different designs, and the Deuter KangaKid. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carriers

The Deuter Kid Comfort is offered in three variations, the Kid Comfort I, II, and III. First I’m going to start off by telling you what all three designs have in common.

Deuter Kid Comfort AirContact Back SystemAll three Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carriers offer lightweight aluminum frames, fold out kickstands, padded child seats with 5-point adjustable harness’s, and height adjustable child seats that grow with your child. All three also offer Aircontact Back Panels lined with 3D air mesh material. This feature allows air to circulate through the back panel, keeping you cool and comfortable.

All three Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier’s also offer padded, contoured shoulder straps, and padded waist belts, also lined with the 3D air mesh material. In addition, all three child carriers also offer Deuter’s signature Vari-Quick torso adjuster that allows you to adjust the torso length quickly, and easily, as well as adjustable sternum straps. These Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carriers also offer the same maximum load weight of 48.5 pounds, which includes child and gear.

Deuter Kid Comfort I Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort I Child Carrier - Black and Red

Deuter Kid Comfort I @ Amazon $199.00

Now, the Deuter Kid Comfort I offers the most basic set-up with the least amount of storage. It comes with everything listed above as well as one large zippered pocket below the cockpit seat, and one mesh pocket on the side. It also only weighs 4 lbs 10 oz.

The Deuter Kid Comfort I is perfect for those of you that are looking for more of a relaxed outdoor adventure. You can use it on short hikes, around town, or at home. It’s also perfect for crowded places that aren’t stroller friendly. It doesn’t come with a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it does get the job done, and it’s comfortable for both the child and the wearer. For more information, check out the Deuter Kid Comfort I Review.


Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

The Deuter Kid Comfort II is the next step up. It offers everything that the Kid Comfort I offers with additional storage, and additional comfort features.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort II @ Amazon for $249.00

Additional Features Include:

  • Locking kickstand – the Kid Comfort I also offers a kickstand, but it doesn’t lock into place.
  • Load Lifter Straps – it has two straps, as opposed to the one strap found on the Kid Comfort I.
  • Chin Pad – it’s more of a drool pad if you ask me, but it is removable and washable, so that’s a plus.
  • Vari-flex Hip Belt – this hip belt actually pivots in the center and flexes with your body, allowing you to carry the load comfortably without it inhibiting your movements.
  • Side Entry – this features is extremely convenient. Simply un-clip the side, and your little one can load themselves.
  • Additional Storage – 2 large zippered pockets, one below the cockpit and one on top. Plus you get an additional buckled pocket, two mesh water bottle pockets on the sides, and a handy waist belt pocket for those things you need pronto, like your cell phone, GPS, etc.
  • Hydration Pack Storage – located behind the back panel, it has its own zippered pocket.
  • Weighs 6 lbs 8 oz

The Deuter Kid Comfort II is perfect for long hikes, over-night trips, and around town. It’s a little too bulky to use in the house, but you can use it to get some much needed yard work done if necessary. It can also be used in crowded places, or at events that aren’t stroller friendly, like a parade, or your local fair. For more information, including the pro’s and con’s, customer feedback, and a video demo, check out the Deuter Kid Comfort II Review.


Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort III @ Amazon for $299.00

The Deuter Kid Comfort III is the next step up. It offers everything that the Deuter Kid Comfort I and II offers, as well as a few extra bonus features.

Additional Features Include:

  • Large Head Rest – offers additional support for your growing child.
  • Deuter Rain/Sun Hood – this built-in rain/sun hood stores in a zippered pocket on the head rest. It offers plenty of coverage for your little one.
  • Handy Mirror – allows you to check on your little

The Deuter Kid Comfort III is a full-featured child carrier designed specifically for long outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for long hikes, and over-night backpacking trips. It’s too tall, and too bulky to use inside the house, but you can use it for long days at places like Disney Land, or other theme parks. For more information, check out the Deuter Kid Comfort III Review.


Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier

Deuter KangaKid Child Carrier - Daypack/Child Carrier

Deuter KangaKid @ Amazon for $125.60

The KangaKid is more of an urban carrier. It’s a daypack and child carrier all in one. Its small compact size makes it extremely easy to use on the go. It offers one large zippered pocket on the top, two smaller zippered pockets on the bottom, and two mesh pockets on the sides. You can pack all your necessities, and then simply unzip the child carrier compartment for use. The child seat is well padded and offers a 5-point child safety harness with an easy-to-use central tensioning system, much like a car seat harness.

The Deuter KangaKid also offers plenty of comfort and adjustments for the wearer. With contoured, padded shoulder straps, and a generously padded waist belt. The waist belt is designed to effectively transfer all the load weight to your hips, and the shoulder straps are tension-adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about them cutting into your shoulders. Plus, the Deuter KangaKid also offers a sternum strap that keeps those shoulder straps in place. It weighs 4 lbs 6 oz, and has a maximum load weight of 33 pounds.

This Deuter Child Carrier is perfect for traveling, busy airports, theme parks, a day at the beach, etc. For more information, check out the Deuter KangaKid Review.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which Deuter Child Carrier is right for you, I found an excellent article at that goes into great depth explaining how they made their choice.

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