Deuter Kid Comfort I Vs. Osprey Poco – Which Is Best?

If you’re looking for a very basic backpack child carrier, you may find yourself comparing the new Osprey Poco Child Carrier to the Deuter Kid Comfort I. Both backpack child carriers are very similar, however, there are a few key differences that set them apart. Let’s take a closer look.

Similarities:Deuter Kid Comfort I Vs. Osprey Poco

  • Maximum load weight – 48.5 pounds
  • Padded cockpit with removable, washable chin pads, aka drool pads
  • Height-adjustable child seat
  • Adjustable child safety harness
  • Compression straps – located on the outside of the cockpit, they allow you to expand or compress the size of the cockpit based on the size of your child
  • Padded grab handles for easy lifting and positioning
  • Excellent weight distribution systems – the load weight is distributed to your hips, not your shoulders or back
  • Sternum straps – both are adjustable
  • Torso-length adjusters – allow you to quickly and easily adjust the size of the torso for a custom fit
  • Size – Both the Deuter Kid Comfort I and the Osprey Poco measure to be about the same size. The Deuter is about 2 inches wider.
  • Price – Both list for about $199.00

Osprey Poco Advantages

  • Osprey Poco Child Carrier - All ViewsDual Foot Stirrups – I love the foot stirrups! They are designed to give your child more support in the seated position, which of course means more comfort for longer periods of time. They are also adjustable, so you can customize them based on your child’s height.
  • 3D Tensioned Mesh Back Panel – It has a separate overlay of mesh fabric that not only keeps you cool, but also contours to your back for exceptional comfort.
  • Child Safety Harness – The Osprey Poco child safety harness is much easier to use. The only buckles or adjustments you have to worry about are over the shoulders. The harness on the Deuter Kid Comfort I is more like a car seat, with both the shoulder straps and legs straps buckling in down by the navel. This means that you kind of have to dig down to find the buckles, and then buckle them in.

Deuter Kid Comfort I Advantages

  • Deuter Kid Comfort I - All ViewsMore Storage – The Osprey Poco Child Carrier only offers 671 cubic inches of storage, whereas the Deuter Kid Comfort I offers 850 cubic inches.
  • Weighs less – It weighs about 2 pounds less than the Osprey Poco, at 4 lbs 10 oz verses the Poco’s 6 lbs. Not a huge difference, but sometimes that extra weight does make a difference.


As you can see, there are a few more advantages to the Osprey Poco Child Carrier. The Deuter Kid Comfort I does offer more storage, however, if storage is an issue you can always purchase the Daylight Daypack for the Osprey Poco and get an additional 750 cubic inches. It will cost you an extra $45 dollars though. Also, since neither backpack child carrier comes with a sunshade, if you plan on doing more outdoor than indoor activities, I would definitely recommend buying one separately. The Osprey Poco sunshade will cost you  an extra $24.50, and the Deuter Kid Comfort I sunshade will cost you about $38.00 dollars. Keep in mind that the Deuter Sunshade also comes with a rain cover, which would cost you another $29.00 with the Osprey Poco.

So, you get more storage right off the bat with the Deuter Kid Comfort I, plus it weighs less, and the accessories cost less in the long run. However, the Osprey Poco offers more extra’s, like the dual foot stirrups, easy to use child safety harness, and the option of adding a Daylight Daypack.

One last thought. If you’re worried that the storage may not be enough, and you definitely think that you’ll need a sunshade, check out the Osprey Poco Plus, the next step up from the Poco. You get 1404 cubic inches of storage, and you get a sunshade to go with it. The next step up for the Kid Comfort I would be the Deuter Kid Comfort II. You get 1100 cubic inches of storage, but you still have to purchase the sunshade separately.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below for more information.

UPDATE (2018): Updated version called the Osprey Poco AG. Additional features include: and integrated sunshade, the Fit-on-the-fly Hipbelt, additional storage, and the new AG (Anti-Gravity) suspension. For more information, read Osprey Poco AG Series – What’s New

Deuter Kid Comfort I Review

Osprey Poco Child Carrier Review


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