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Deuter Kid Comfort II Customer Rating: 36/39 – 92%Deuter Kid Comfort II Review

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Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

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  • Lightweight aluminum frame with a pack weight of 6 lbs 8 oz
  • Vari-Quick adjustment system allows for the perfect fit no matter the torso size
  • Molded foam shoulder straps, and sternum strap  with forward-pull adjustment, and 3D air-mesh lining for more breath-ability.
  • Vari-flex hip belt pivots and moves naturally with your body.
  • Load lifter straps help you load your child onto your back, and then off
  • Ventilated air-contact back system that reduces perspiration
  • Locking kickstand creates a stable base for loading and unloading the pack.
  • Adjustable 5-point child safety harness with padded shoulder straps for the little one
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Removable and washable chin pad
  • Side entry design allows for easy loading and unloading
  • Storage – 1100 cubic inches
    • 2 large zippered storage compartments, for diaper and gear
    • 1 large buckled storage compartment for more gear
    • 2 mesh pockets for water bottle, zippy cup, toys etc.
    • A zippered water belly for a hydration pack
  • Max weight: baby and gear – 48.5 pounds

Deuter Kid Comfort II Review:

Deuter Kid Comfort II Review - Side ViewThe Deuter Kid Comfort II is by far my absolute favorite baby backpack carrier. Although it doesn’t have near the reviews that the Kelty Carriers have, I personally feel that it’s the better option. Now, I won’t go into a bunch of details, mostly because I don’t want to bore you, but this is why I chose the Deuter Kid Comfort II over Kelty.

What Features I LOVE

Number one, I love the side entry feature! It’s so easy, my daughter actually loads herself. All I have to do is set the Deuter Kid Comfort II on the floor, unbuckle the side, and ask her if she want’s to go for a ride. Within seconds she’s loaded.

Number two, I love the vari-flex waist belt! It’s hard to explain, but when you have so much weight being distributed to your hips, most backpacks feel stiff and uncomfortable, but not the Deuter Kid Comfort II. It flexes and moves with you.

Number three, I love the fact that after a 6 mile hike, my back and shoulders DON’T hurt! It’s the entire design of the Deuter Kid Comfort II that I love. They know what they’re doing. Deuter is very well known for designing some of the best backpacking gear out there, and it shows with their child carriers. The Deuter Kid Comfort II’s waist belt and shoulder straps do an amazing job of distributing the weight to your hips. My daughter weighs 29 pounds, and I can carry her comfortably for hours on end. Every time someone watches me load her onto my back they ask, “that’s a lot of weight for you, isn’t it?” I always tell them, “Nope, this pack is a Godsend”.

Deuter Kid Comfort II with My daughter drinking water

This is my daughter in our Deuter Kid Comfort II- Her FAVORITE!!

Number four, this might seem silly, but I love the water belly/hydration compartment. My daughter actually uses it more than I do, as you can see from the picture, but that’s okay because it keeps her hydrated and entertained.

Number five. The Deuter Kid Comfort II offers this locking kickstand which feels extremely durable to me. When my daughter falls asleep while we’re out on the trail, I like having the ability to take it off and set it down without disturbing her. It also comes in handy when I have to pee. Trying to squat with this thing on is pretty tough……Well it’s true!

What I Don’t Like

Although I like the stability of having a locking kickstand, it can be a HUGE pain. Trying to reach back and unlock it once it’s positioned on your back is next to impossible. I have found that if you simply unlock it on the lift, before you put it on your back, you don’t need to be double jointed.

Also, the sunshade really should come with it. The Deuter Kid Comfort II is meant to be used outdoors on the trial, it has to have a sunshade! So the fact that they make you buy it separately is just annoying.

Customer Feedback:

With 36 out of 39 reviewers rating the Deuter Kid Comfort II 4 to 5 stars, that’s a 92% customer satisfaction rating! Most absolutely loved it!

The most loved features were of course the vari-flex waist belt, the amazing weight distribution, and the side-entry.

As far as complaints go, most mirrored my own. The locking kickstand was an issue, but not enough to really cause any serious frustration.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Review Also, a couple reviewers commented on the Deuter Kid Comfort II’s seat depth. You can use this carrier once you child hits about 5 or 6 months, when they have complete control of their head and neck. However, they’re still pretty small at this age, and because the seat is so deep, they don’t sit up very high. Now, the Deuter Kid Comfort II does have a seat-height adjustment, but a couple of the reviewers complained that it was not enough. They may have the older Deuter Kid Comfort II models, because I never felt that this was a problem. You want your child’s chin to be level with the chin pad, and I always felt good about my daughters position, even at 6 months.

That’s another thing, the older version does not offer the removable, washable chin pad, so there were a few complaints about having to clean the drool off the front of the seat.


The Deuter Kid Comfort II is definitely one of my favorites, obviously, I own it. However, there are other child carriers in this price range that I often recommend over the Deuter. Let me explain.

If you’re looking for a child carrier with ton’s of storage, I would not recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort II. It only offers 1100 cubic inches of storage, which is not very much if you compare it to other child carriers. For instance, the new Osprey Poco Plus offers 1404 cubic inches of storage, and the new Kelty Journey 2.0 offers 1300 cubic inches. Granted, you’ll have to pay a little extra for the Poco, but the Kelty will cost you about the same. Also, both the Poco Plus and the Kelty Journey come with sunshades.

Having said that, the Deuter Kid Comfort II still has something that these other child carrier’s do not. That’s the Vari-Flex waist belt. Nothing else compares in my book.

All and all, I highly recommend this child carrier to anyone who loves the outdoors, and wants their little one to love it too.

Where to Buy:

Don’t forget the SunshadeAt Amazon for $32.95

If you’re still undecided, check out the video demo below for a quick visual of all the features, and please excuse my very amateur video skills.

Or see more Deuter Kid Comfort II Reviews on Amazon.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Video Demo:

Get the Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

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