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Deuter Kid Comfort III Review

Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier

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The Deuter Kid Comfort III is a full featured child carrier designed to carry children older than 6 months. It’s safe, easy to use, and extremely durable. It offers a maximum load weight of 48.5 pounds, which includes both child and gear.

The cockpit seat features an ergonomically formed saddle seat that allows for better circulation, and a soft seat covering that reduces friction. It also offers a removable, and washable chin pad, and a padded 5-point harness.

The Deuter Kid Comfort III also offers 3D air mesh lining inside the cockpit seat, on the back panel, and on the inside of the shoulder straps, and waist belt. The mesh lining is designed to wick the moisture away, keeping you more comfortable. The back panel also offers a special ventilation system called the Deuter Aircontact System which actually circulates air through the cushions keeping you cool and comfortable.

Deuter Kid Comfort III Review - Back PanelThe Deuter Kid Comfort III also offers contoured, anatomically shaped shoulder straps with a sternum strap, and a Vari-Flex waist belt. The Vari-Flex belt offers padded hip fins on each side that are actually designed to flex and move with your body.  The load adjuster straps allow you to position the load where it’s most comfortable, and the waist belt is designed to transfer that load weight to your hips.

The Deuter Kid Comfort III  is also quite easy to use. It’s the only backpack child carrier that offers side entry. So instead of lifting your child up above the seat to load them, you simply un-clip the buckle on the side and they can practically seat themselves.  The padded adjustable harness offers bright yellow buckles that indicate where the harness must be secured. All of the adjustments for both the passenger’s seat and the wearer are quick and easy. Two load lifter straps and a locking kickstand make it safe and easy to lift onto your back, or set down for a rest. It also comes equipped with plenty of storage, including a water belly hydration pack pocket located behind the back panel.


Deuter Kid Comfort III Review

Deuter Kid Comfort III

  • Lightweight aluminum frame – weighs 7 lbs 10 oz
  • Ergonomically formed saddle seat
  • Soft seat cover reduces friction on little legs
  • Removable, washable chin pad
  • 3D Air-mesh lining throughout the entire carrier
  • Ventilated back panel with Aircontact ventilation system
  • Contoured, anatomically correct shoulder straps with mesh lining and sternum strap
  • Vari-flex waist belt with mobile hip fins – designed to transfer load weight to the hips and keeps the carrier from inhibiting movement
  • Load adjuster straps allow you to position the load
  • Side-entry for easy loading and unloading – your little one can seat themselves
  • Padded adjustable 5-point child safety harness with bright yellow buckles
  • Child seat offers adjustable shoulder height and seat height
  • Vari-quick back system allows you to adjust the carrier easily to fit any size wearer
  • Locking kick stand won’t buckle inadvertently
  • 2 load lifter straps allow you to safely and easily place the carrier on your back
  • Large headrest with extra padding
  • Built-in rain/sun hood stores in zippered pocket
  • Handy mirror allows you to easily check on your passenger
  • Plenty of storage – 2 large zippered pockets and a stretch compartment on top, along with waist belt storage, mesh pockets on the sides, and a hydration pack compartment.
  • Maximum load weight including child and gear – 48.5 pounds or 22 kilograms

Deuter Kid Comfort III Review

What I Like:

Deuter Kid Comfort III Review - Weather Shield

Weather Shield

I personally own the Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier, which I absolutely LOVE, but if I could have purchased the Deuter Kid Comfort III instead, I probably would have. I like the fact that the rain/sun hood comes with it and it’s integrated, I had to purchase mine separately, and when I’m not using it, I have to find a place to store it.

I don’t really like the looks of the Deuter Kid Comfort III headrest but I do like the fact that it gives your child more protection, especially against the elements.

My favorite feature is definitely the side-entry. It’s absolutely amazing!! My daughter actually loads herself. I also like the fact that the kickstand locks into place. I feel more comfortable setting it down with her in it. Although, some might argue that the locking kickstand is a pain because it’s almost impossible to unlock once you’ve positioned it on your back.  I have found that if you simply unlock it as you’re lifting it, you don’t have to try and stretch your arm around to hit the button, because frankly, it is impossible.

Also, the Vari-Flex waist belt is simply amazing! Instead of trudging around with a stiff pack on your back that inhibits your every movement, the Deuter Kid Comfort III moves with you. They also got the weight distribution right. It goes straight to your hips, not your shoulders, and not your back.

What I Don’t Like:

As for complaints, the Deuter Kid Comfort III is almost perfect, except for the kickstand issue that I mentioned above, and one reviewer did complain about the kickstand popping back out once folded. I have had this problem a couple of times, and it’s usually the result of my daughter kicking it. It is a pain to try and put it back in, unless of course you are a contortionist.

I would also caution that with the headrest, the Deuter Kid Comfort III is really tall. One reviewer noted that if he walks around inside his house with it on he has to duck through doorways and avoid hitting light fixtures.

Also, one reviewer complained about the excess strap that hangs down from the waist belt. He stated that it would be nice to have some elastic to tie it back. Now, on my Deuter Kid Comfort II there’s actually little sleeves on each side of the waist belt where I tuck the excess strap. I’m assuming it’s the same with the Deuter Kid Comfort III, but unless you know that they’re there, they’re actually hard to find.


Deuter Kid Comfort III Review - Backcountry.comIf you compare the Deuter Kid Comfort III to other child carriers in this price range, you’ll notice that it does NOT offer the most storage. It has 1200 cubic inches of storage, which is pretty low. So if you feel that storage might be an issue, the Osprey Poco Premium offers about 855 more cubic inches of storage, which is a lot, and they’re about the same price.

As for comfort, I am a huge fan of the Vari-flex waist belt, and no other child carrier on the market, aside from the Kid Comfort II, offers this feature. In my book, nothing even comes close to comparing. Now, the new Osprey Poco Child Carriers do offer waist belts with retractable padding, but they don’t have a pivot point like the Deuter’s.

Another advantage to the Deuter Kid Comfort III is the integrated sunshade. Other child carriers, like the new Kelty Child Carriers, offer sunshades that detach but do not store on the carrier itself. You have to find room.

Also, the cockpit on the Deuter Kid Comfort III is especially roomy, partly because it also offers the side-entry feature, which is unique to the Deuter’s as well. So if you have a big kid, chances are this child carrier will fit them best.


All in all, I fully recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort III for those that spend a lot of time hiking, backpacking or exploring the outdoors. It also makes a great camping companion. This child carrier will keep you and your little one comfortable on long hikes.

I would NOT recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort III if you’re looking for a child carrier you can use around the house. It’s too big, and too bulky. I would not recommend it for traveling either, mainly because it takes up way too much space in the car.

I would NOT consider the Deuter Kid Comfort III an around town child carrier either, especially if you decide to pop into the little cafe on the corner for a soda, chances are you won’t fit through the door. So, crowded places, not so good. Open trail, excellent!

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Still undecided? Check out the video below to see it in action, or read through some of the customer feedback on Amazon.

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