ERGO Baby Carrier Review – Is The Original Still The Best?

ERGO Baby Carrier Customer Rating: 347/420 – 83%
ERGO Baby Carrier Review Rating - 5 Stars

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ERGO Baby Carrier Review

ERGO Baby Carrier

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  • Ergonomic design – proper facing-in, spread-squat seating position.
  • Front facing-in, back, and hip carrying positions
  • 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Reinforced stitching at all critical intersections
  • One inch, high density foam in shoulder straps
  • Quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt
  • Integrated sleep hood
  • Storage – one stuff pouch that also stores the sleeping hood, and one large zippered pocket for necessities.
  • Minimum weight: 12 pounds (or 7 pounds with infant insert, sold separately)
  • Max weight recommendation: 45 pounds

ERGO Baby Carrier Review

What I Love:

ERGO Baby Carrier Review - Aussie Kahki

ERGO Baby Carrier – Aussie Kahki

Comfort  – The ERGO Baby Carrier has 1″ high density foam padded shoulder straps and a waist belt with quarter-inch high density foam. That’s extreme padding! No wonder so many people love the ERGO, it’s really, really comfortable. On top of that, the ERGO offers excellent weight distribution. The weight of your child DOES NOT ride on your shoulders, neck, or back, it’s properly distributed to your hips. This allows you to carry larger babies for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Ergonomic Design – Obviously, it’s not called the ERGO Baby Carrier for nothing, right? The seat itself is wide enough that your child will be able to sit comfortably in the spread-squat seated position. This position supports your child’s hips, pelvis, and spine. It doesn’t matter what position you choose, front, back, or hip, your child is always seated in the proper position.

ERGO Baby Carrier Review - Sleep Hood & StorageIntegrated Sleeping Hood – This is always nice to have. You can use it for privacy when Baby is sleeping, or as a way of protecting them from the hot sun.

Storage – I LOVE that you get a couple storage pockets for necessities as well. The top stuff pouch, which usually holds the sleeping hood, can also double for storage. You’d be surprised at how much you can actually fit in there, even with the hood. The ERGO Baby Carrier also offers a zippered pocket for extra necessities. Granted you won’t be able to pack in your entire diaper bag, but you’ll at least have a place for your keys and cell phone.

Durable  – The ERGO Baby Carrier is built to last, therefore it offers high-strength buckles, and premium quality nylon straps. It’s made out of 100% cotton canvas and even offers reinforced stitching at critical intersections. It is machine washable, but don’t use the dryer to dry it, hang dry only.

What I Don’t Like

Get’s Warm – Like I said, it’s made from 100% cotton, and cotton doesn’t exactly breathe well, so if you’re wearing it out on a hot summer day, chances are you’ll be roasting.

Ergo Baby Carrier Review - With Infant Insert

ERGO Baby Carrier w/Infant Insert

Infant Insert Sold Separately – I really shouldn’t complaint about this, but I’m being petty. I wish the infant insert came with it. You can use the ERGO Baby Carrier from 12 pounds up to 45 pounds, which is awesome, but in order to use it with your newborn, you have to purchase an infant insert separately. Kind of a bummer, but then again, if you’ve used a Babybjorn or a wrap through most of your baby’s infancy, this isn’t a big deal because you’re mainly looking for a toddler carrier anyway. It just gets expensive when you add in the cost of an infant insert on top of what you’re already paying for the carrier itself.

Customer Feedback:

As far as reviews go, 347 out of 420 rated it 4 to 5 stars. That’s an 83% customer satisfaction rating. The ERGO Baby Carrier is by far the most popular soft structured carrier on the market. People LOVE it! As for complaints, most mirrored my own, but there were a couple other complaints I feel I should mention.

ERGO Baby Carrier Review - Hip CarryThe most common complaint was regarding the carrying positions. The ERGO Baby Carrier does not offer forward facing-out, only forward facing-in, hip and back carry.

The second most common complaint was the same as my own. The ERGO Baby Carrier can get warm. If you live in a warmer climate, and this is a major concern for you, there are other options. Check out my ERGO Baby Carriers Comparison Review for more information on the ERGO Sport or the ERGO Performance.

ERGO Baby Carrier Review - Teething Pads

Teething Pads for Straps

Another common complaint was regarding the back carry position. Many of the reviewers complained that loading and unloading their child onto their back was extremely difficult. Every soft structured baby carrier takes some practice getting used to, especially when you’re using back carry, the ERGO isn’t any more complicated than any other carrier out there.

Lastly, there were a few reviewers that complained about their babies chewing on the straps. Once again, the ERGO Baby Carrier is no different from any other carrier. If your little one is teething, they’re going to chew on whatever they can get into their mouths. The nice thing is, you can purchase Chewing pads and teething pads separately for the ERGO Baby Carrier, and I highly recommend that you do.


Is The Original ERGO Still the BEST?

Since the Original was first created, ERGO has come up with a couple new designs. They’re intentions were to improve the original by making it lighter, more breathable, and more adjustable. But even after all of the “improvements” the Original ERGO is still the number 1 BEST seller, and it’s still the best in my book!

Where to Buy:

If you love Amazon as much as I do, then it may be the first place you look. However, lately I’ve been noticing quite a few people complaining about receiving fake ERGO Baby Carriers. I believe it’s because some of the Merchants are not trusted ERGO Baby dealers. Below I’ve listed only authorized dealers. The one at Amazon is La Stella Blu, which is a trusted dealer, and it’s also a bundle, which means it comes with the Infant Insert. 

If you’ve already purchased your ERGO and you’re concerned that it’s fake, I found a great article here with lots of pictures of what a FAKE ERGO looks like compared to the real deal.

ERGO Baby Carrier Video Demo:

Get the ERGO Baby Carrier @ Amazon

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