Best ERGO Baby Carrier – Original Vs. ERGO Sport Vs. ERGO Performance

ERGO Baby Carriers - Original Vs. ERGO Sport Vs. ERGO PerformanceSo you’ve decided on an ERGO Baby Carrier! Excellent choice! Now you need to decide which one is best for you. The Original, the Sport, or the Performance. Although these three ERGO Baby Carriers are very similar in design, there are 5 key differences that set them apart. So, if you’re having trouble deciding, let me point out these differences and help you decide.

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ERGO Baby Carrier Differences:


ERGO Baby Carrier Original - Aussie Kahki

ERGO Original – Aussie Kahki

The number one difference between all three ERGO Baby Carriers is fabric. The Original is made with 100% cotton batting and 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining in the carrier, and hood. So if you live in a colder climate, like say Montana, the Original would be perfect for keeping you and your little one nice and cozy. On a side note, there is an Organic ERGO Baby Carrier made from 100% organic cotton as well. It has all the same features as the Original.

The ERGO Sport was the next step to creating a lighter, more breathable baby carrier. It’s made from a blend of 35% cotton/65% polyester.

Than we have the ERGO Performance which is made from 98% polyester and 2% lycra, so it’s even lighter. Plus it has a cooling panel that wicks away moisture and mesh lining. In fact, the Performance is 1/3 lighter than the Original. This ERGO Baby Carrier also offers a water repellent shell.

FIT Options, and Padding in Shoulder Straps & Waist Belt

ERGO Baby Carrier Sport - Blue - Front Carry

ERGO Sport Baby Carrier

The second difference is the shoulder straps. The ERGO Baby Carrier Original and Sport have straight shoulder straps with one-inch high density foam padding.

The ERGO Performance has thinner, contoured shoulder straps with non-water-absorbent foam.

The Original also offers a quarter-inch high density foam padded waist belt. The Sport and Performance offer less padding and a scooped bottom for additional support.

The third difference is in the fit options and adjustments. There are three fit options, Classic, Active, and Flex.

The ERGO Baby Carrier Original falls under the Classic fit category with shoulder straps that adjust from 24″ to 45″, and a waist belt that adjusts from 26″ to 55″.

The ERGO Performance offers an Active fit, with shoulder straps that also adjust from 24″ to 45″, and a waist belt that adjusts from 30″ to 55″.

The ERGO Sport offers a Flex fit, with shoulder straps that adjust from 27″ to 49″, and a waist belt that adjusts from 32″ to 55″. The Sport is best for larger body types.

You also have the option of purchasing a waist belt extension accessory that will fit the Sport and the Original ERGO Baby Carriers. The extension belt gives you an additional 8”. It is not compatible with the Performance Carrier.

Sleeping Hood & Storage

ERGO Baby Carrier Performance - Spring Green - Back Carry

ERGO Performance

The fourth difference is the sleeping hoods and storage. The ERGO Baby Carrier Original and Performance Carriers have an attached sleeping hood, whereas the Sport has a detachable sleeping hood.

The Original also offers the most storage with two zippered pockets. The Performance offers two zippered pockets as well, however one of those pockets is meant to store the sleeping hood. The Sport offers one small pocket that can also store the sleeping hood when not attached, or necessities.

Price & Color Options

The fifth difference is price and color schemes. Depending on which color scheme you choose, the ERGO Baby Carrier Original and the Sport list for about the same, $115.00. The Sport only comes in three different color options, Black, Blue, or Red. The Original comes in several different color options depending on whether you choose the Organic option or not. From Black and Cranberry, to Green River Rock and Desert Bloom. The Performance Carrier lists for $135.00, and offers Grey, Spring Green, Charcoal Black, and True Blue.

ERGO Baby Carrier Video Demonstration


ERGO Original

If you’re looking for a cozy, comfy baby carrier, with plenty of padding, then I strongly suggest the ERGO Baby Carrier Original. It offers the most storage, and the largest range of adjustment. Check out the FULL REVIEW for more information, or get the ERGO Baby Carrier Original Bundle with infant insert at Amazon for $130.00.

The Original also comes in designer patterns as well. There are 5 different designs, and they are a bit more expensive. Check out the ERGO Baby Carrier Designer Series here.

ERGO Sport Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for a lighter, more breath-able carrier, with a little less padding, and a higher max adjustment, then I strongly suggest the ERGO Sport. It fits larger body types best, has the detachable sleeping hood, and its compatible with the waist belt extension accessory. Check out the ERGO Sport Review for more information, or get it at Amazon for $79.02.

ERGO Performance Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for an extremely light baby carrier, with mesh ventilation, and a lot less bulk, then I strongly suggest the ERGO Performance Baby Carrier. It’s extremely durable, offers a water repellent shell, and reinforced stitching at all the critical intersections. It’s perfect for outdoor recreation or a hot summer day. For more information, read the ERGO Performance Review, or get it at Amazon for $135.00.

Important Note: Avoid buying a counterfeit ERGO and only buy from trusted dealers. Click here to learn more about Counterfeit ERGO Baby Carriers.


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