Kelty Child Carrier – Kelty FC 3.0 Review

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FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier - Black

Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier – Black

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FYI: There is a new version of this Kelty Child Carrier – The Kelty Pathfinder 3.0


The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier is designed with active parents in mind. It’s tough enough for a day on the trail, and ideal for a simple stroll to the grocery store. The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier comes equipped with a sophisticated suspension system capable of carrying a maximum load weight of 50 pounds. It also offers a ventilated back panel that wicks the moisture away, and a five-point adjustable child safety harness that gives your child complete and total security. This Kelty Child Carrier also features Kelty’s signature V-Bar structured cockpit, also known as the roll cage. It is designed to keep the fully padded cockpit from collapsing, therefore providing a safe and secure seat for your little one.

The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier also comes with plenty of comfort for the wearer. It comes equipped with padded shoulder straps, and a conforming padded hip belt, all lined with breathable mesh material. Perhaps the most remarkable feature that this Kelty Child Carrier offers is the auto-deploy kickstand and no-pinch hinges. In other words, by simply removing the shoulder straps the kickstand deploys automatically, without having to contort your arm to do so.

The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier is completely adjustable, not just for the child but for the wearer too. It comes equipped with a sliding torso adjuster that adjusts quickly and easily. Plus, the shoulder straps and waist belt all offer plenty of adjustments as well.

The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier offers plenty of storage too. You’ve got the large zippered under-seat storage compartment, a pocket on the waist belt for your cell phone or GPS, depending on how extreme you might be, and a zip-off diaper bag with two additional pockets. The FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier also comes with a removable changing pad, and Kelty’s rain/sun hood to protect your little one from the elements.

FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier Features:

  • Ventilated back panel that wicks moisture away
  • Padded shoulder straps made from poly/brushed nylon that adjusts to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Padded hip belt with storage, torso fit range: 12 – 20 inches
  • Sophisticated suspension system with a maximum load weight of 50 pounds
  • Fully padded, light weight aluminum frame along with no-pinch hinges
  • It weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces
  • Dimensions: 15 by 30 by 19 inches (W x H x D)
  • The adjustable seat with breathable fabric comes with a five-point harness
  • Lifetime Warranty

Extras Include:

FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier

  • Weather protected sun/rain hood
  • Changing pad
  • Under-seat storage compartment
  • Toy loops
  • Zip-off diaper bag with shoulder straps
  • GPS/cell phone pocket
  • Carry/lift handles
  • Removable, washable cockpit pad
  • 3M reflective tape
  • Waist belt storage pocket
  • Auto-deploy kickstand
  • Load-lifter straps
  • Sternum strap

Video Demonstration:

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The Good & The Bad

The Good
  • 36 out of 44 reviewers gave it 4-5 out of 5 stars
  • Multiple adjustments – including seating adjustments
  • Tons of Storage
  • The kickstand pops out automatically
  • The large rain/sun hood
  • Lifetime Warranty!!!!
The Bad
  • The fabric stains easily
  • It seems a little big, but it’s surprisingly lightweight
  • After extended use, the adjustment torso pin has been known to slip
  • There was a couple reviewers that complained that the torso just wasn’t the right fit for taller people, over 6 foot.

Overall, the FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier is definitely worth the price tag. It’s one of the best child carriers on the market, not to mention one of the most popular. 63 out of 76 of the reviewers were extremely pleased. That’s an 83% customer satisfaction rating!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, and you want to share your adventures with your son or daughter, this is the perfect tool to do so. You can enjoy longer, more comfortable hikes, both for you and your little one. You can get the FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier currently on sale at Click here for the best price.

Or, check out the newest version of the Kelty FC 3.0, called the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier. It offers all of the same features, as well as a few improvements.

Or check out the comparison reviews listed below.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

Customer Feedback:

FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier ReviewBryan, M.,

I’m using the FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier to carry a 20lb 15 month old in Arizona and I’m impressed. They did a great job in trying to cram as much storage into the pack as possible without throwing off your center of balance. My daughter hasn’t squirmed or complained in it yet and actually tries to climb in it when she sees it in the living room. Pre-kid I’ve done a lot of backpacking with a variety of frame styles and now I’ve carried my daughter with slings, wraps, baby bjorn’s and on my shoulders. In my opinion this baby backpack carrier is very well designed by somebody who has done a lot of both.

Review Paraphrased for size — view original review here.


We wanted to get a nice child carrier to carry our 21-month old daughter for our upcoming trip to Montana. We were doing lots of hiking around Glacier National Park, but we also wanted it for walks around the neighborhood. After using the FC 3.0 Kelty Child Carrier a lot around town (and even around the house while making dinner and such), and taking it across the country for hiking, I still absolutely love it. Our daughter fell asleep in it 3 times while hiking, and she is NOT one of those kids who just falls asleep wherever. I think that says a lot about the comfort of this pack. It is worth every penny.

Review Paraphrased for size — view original review here.

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