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The Front Baby Carrier is best used as a newborn baby carrier. Most are designed for babies up to 26 pounds. There are many different options, however the most popular front baby carriers are the Babybjorn Baby Carriers.

Babybjorn Miracle Front Baby Carrier

Babybjorn Miracle Front Baby Carrier

From the Babybjorn Original to the Babybjorn Miracle, these newborn front baby carriers are specifically designed to offer you the most lumbar support, as well as the best weight distribution while using the front carry position. They’re also designed in collaboration with medical experts, therefore offering optimal support for your little one right from the start.

The Babybjorn Baby Carriers have a minimum weight recommendation of 8 pounds. They can be used front facing-in, which is best for newborns, and front facing-out, which is best for older babies with head and neck control. They also offer added head and neck support for a newborn, which can be folded down easily while using the front facing-out carry position. One of the reasons why the Babybjorn’s make the perfect front carrier for a newborn is because they offer a unique two-piece design that allows you to transfer a sleeping baby from carrier to crib without disturbing him/her. The Babybjorn Carriers also offer front adjust, which means that all of the adjustments can be made from the front easily.

Infantina Classic Front Baby Carrier

Infantina Classic Front Baby Carrier

Another popular front baby carrier is the Infantino Baby Carrier. They are also designed specifically for the front carry position, however there are some that can be used as a back baby carrier as well. They don’t offer the same kind of lumbar support that the Babybjorn Carriers offer, therefore using them for long periods at a time may not be quite as comfortable. But they are cheap, and that’s probably what makes them so popular. They are simple carriers, with minimal adjustments, and can be used up to about 22 pounds.

Below is a list of some of the best front baby carriers for newborns, including the Babybjorn’s, and the Infantino’s. Click the pictures for more detail.

Front Baby Carrier

Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier

Babybjorn Miracle @ Amazon for $189.00 Click for Details

Babybjorn Comfort Front Baby Carrier - Black

Babybjorn Comfort @ Amazon for $142.99 Click for Details


Babybjorn Active Baby Front Carrier - Dark Blue/blue

Babybjorn Active @ Amazon $129.95   Click for Details

Babybjorn Synergy Front Baby Carrier - Marine Blue

Babybjorn Synergy @ Amazon $169.99 Click for Details

Babybjorn Original Front Baby Carrier - Black Pinstripe

Babybjorn Original @ Amazon $79.95 Click for Details

Babybjorn Air Front Baby Carrier

Babybjorn Air @ Amazon $99.95 Click for Details

Infantino Swift Classic Baby Carrier

Infantino Swift Classic @ Amazon $15.88 Click for Details

Infantino Breathe Vented Baby Carrier

Infantino Breathe @ Amazon $17.53 Click for Details



















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