Osprey Packs Poco Premium Review – A Force To Be Reckoned With

Osprey Poco Premium Customer Rating: 95/102 – 93%Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier Review

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Osprey Packs Poco Premium Child Carrier Review

Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier

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  • Lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame – weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces
  • Maximum load weight (child and gear) – 48.5 pounds
  • Locking kickstand (foot bar) – locks into place with an audible click
  • Injection-molded hinges provide solid deployment of the kickstand (foot bar)
  • Padded grab handles balance the child carriers weight on the lift
  • Height-adjustable child saddle seat
  • Dual adjust foot stirrups offer a stable ride
  • Padded, ventilated harness with over-the-shoulder buckles
  • Fully padded cockpit frame
  • Removable, washable drool pad
  • Ventilated side wings on cockpit with stretch-mesh pockets for toys, snacks, or drinks
  • Side adjust straps, or compression straps, adjust the size of the cockpit to better fit your child
  • Built-in sun shade deploys instantly
  • Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt with retractable padding, adjusts to fit from 26″ to 48″
  • EVA foam padded harness with an adjustable torso that adjusts from 15.5″ to 21.5″
  • 3D tensioned mesh back panel for comfort and ventilation
  • Storage – total of 2075 cubic inches – That’s A LOT!
  • Hydration pack compartment located behind the back panel
  • Large zippered compartment on bottom
  • Detachable, full featured daypack with plenty of storage
  • Padded, changing pad stored in a zippered pocket behind daypack
  • Two stretch-mesh pockets on the sides for extra storage
  • Cell-phone pocket on shoulder strap for easy access
  • Folds easily for storage or travel

Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier Review:

Osprey Packs Poco Premium Child Carrier Review - FeaturesI’m not messing around! These new Osprey Poco Child Carriers are a force to be reckoned with. I don’t say this lightly either, especially since some of my favorites may no longer be in the running.

The Osprey Poco Premium is the deluxe addition, offering the most storage capacity out of all three designs. It’s also the only one that offers the detachable daypack and changing pad.

What I Love:

I love the dual adjust foot stirrups on the Osprey Poco Premium. There are so many times that I wished I had these on my Deuter Kid Comfort. My daughter has to use the frame to readjust herself, and although it works, I think she would be a whole lot more comfortable on our long hikes if she had more leg support.

I also love that the Osprey Poco Premium comes with the sun hood, and the fact that it deploys instantly just makes it even better. The cockpit seat also has a ton of padding for comfort, and the ventilated side wings will keep your little one cool on hot summer days.

Osprey Packs Poco Premium Child Carrier Review - Child seat & harness

Child Seat and Harness

My absolute favorite feature on the Osprey Poco Premium would have to be the child safety harness. It’s soooo much easier than the Deuter. The only buckles you have to worry about are at the top of the shoulders. You don’t have to dig down to find them.

The Fit-On-The-Fly Hip Belt is pretty neat too. I’ve never seen retractable padding on a hip belt before. Also, I like the fact that Osprey Poco Premiums kickstand locks into place. It just feels more durable, and if you have a squirmy toddler who’s feet can touch the ground, once you place them on the ground you don’t have to worry about it collapsing.

What I Don’t Like

Osprey Packs Poco Premium Child Carrier ReviewThe design of the Osprey Poco Premiums under-seat storage compartment is kind of a let-down. When the kickstand is out there seems to be plenty of room, but once you fold the kickstand in, the compartment shrinks. So you pretty much have to leave the kickstand out if you have a bunch of stuff you need to pack along, which is not bad on a wide open trail, but if you’re following a tight game trail, it could be a pain.

Customer Feedback

Now, because this Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier is so new to the market, you won’t find a whole lot of customer feedback out there yet. I know a lot of people buy products based on customer feedback alone, I do myself, but don’t overlook this child carrier, because once the reviews start pouring in, it’s going to be a hot seller.

I did some digging, and I found a few reviews on Amazon, some on REI, and a couple reviews on some high quality blogs. For instance, Tales of a Mountain Moma had a great review on the Osprey Poco Premium. Out of all the feedback, this is what I found.

What they LOVE!
  • The stirrups really seem to provide more support, especially for taller kids
  • Torso adjuster is super easy and ranges from 15.5″ – 21.5″
  • The built in shade that deploys instantly, provides plenty of coverage
  • The retractable padding on the hip belt, super comfortable no matter what size.
  • The child seat is also easy to adjust.
  • The harness is awesome, it adjusts at the shoulder, not the crotch or sternum, which is sooo much easier.
  • The removable drool pad comes in handy as well
  • Also, the sternum strap slipes up or down on a rail for easy adjustment.
What they don’t love
  • Storage space below the child seat shrinks when you close the kickstand. you have to leave the stand open for more space, which is not too bad on the wide open trail, but in tight spaces it’s a problem.
  • The waist belt storage pocket is hard to access, and has a strap in the way.
  • The cell phone pocket is really small, not big enough for some of the new phones on the market, like some of the Smart Phones, or the Razrs.

There were a total of 10 reviews in all, and 9 gave the Osprey Poco Premium a full 5 stars. The only other negative feedback was regarding the daypack not being quite as much as expected. It only has two extra pockets, and this reviewer in particular commented that the changing pad was a pain to access.

Also, the one reviewer that rated it 4 stars tested the Osprey Poco Premium to an extreme, taking it on a full day’s hike, 12 miles round trip. He said it worked great up until they hit the hills. Hiking up steep hills messed with the weight distribution, and the bottom of the frame started digging in to his lower back. So I guess it depends on how extreme you are when it comes to hiking. The only other con was the high price.


If you were to compare the Osprey Poco Premium to some of the other child carriers in this price range, you’d notice that it outshines in several categories.

First of all, it offers the MOST storage. Second, it also offers the BEST sunshade. With other child carriers, you have to find a place to store the sunshade while you’re not using it. They can also be a pain to put on. Not with the Osprey Poco Premium. The instant deploy sunshade really does make a difference.

Third, the Osprey Poco Premium offers the most supportive seat for your little one. The dual adjust foot stirrups make long hikes feel like short hikes, at least for the passenger.

All in all, I’d say that the Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier is a hit so far. If you’re still not convinced, check out the video demo below to see it in action.

Also, if you don’t see much use for the Poco Premium’s daypack, by all means check out the Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier. It comes with all of the same features, but it’s missing the daypack and changing pad, and it’s a tad bit less expensive.

Where to Buy:

Below I’ve listed a few places that offer the Osprey Poco Premium online. Last I checked, Amazon offered the best price, however, you can click on the link to get today’s most current price.

Osprey Poco Premium Video Demo:

Get the Osprey Poco Premium @ Amazon – Best Price

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