Osprey Poco AG Series Child Carriers – What’s New?

When Osprey Packs original came out with their first Poco Child Carriers, I was both sad, and excited! Mostly because, up until that point, I was a huge fan of the Deuter line of child carriers. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Deuter, BUT, the Osprey Poco Child Carrier’s are just on a whole new level.

Now, Osprey has taken those original Poco child carriers, and added a few extra’s, aka improvements to their designs. They call them the Osprey Poco AG series!

Osprey poco premium AG, anti-gravity suspension

Anti-Gravity Suspension

What’s New with the Osprey Poco AG Series?

First of all, what does AG stand for? Anti-Gravity Suspension! So instead of the 3D tensioned mesh back panel from the previous designs, it’s now contoured with mesh from the shoulders to the lower back. Apparently, this helps with balance and stabilization…….plus it keeps you cool. All three Poco Child Carriers now are available with the AG feature. In addition, there are a few other extra’s that have been added to each one.

Osprey Poco AG

The Poco AG is still the most basic design out of all three. The only difference now is they’ve obviously added the Anti-Gravity suspension feature, plus it now comes with the Fit-on-the-fly Hipbelt, which previously was only offered with the Poco Plus and the Poco Premium. You also get the built-in sunshade, which you had to buy separately before, as well as a zippered storage compartment below. Osprey Poco AG with sunshade

Osprey Poco Ag child safety harness changesOh, and the child safety harness is different. It used to buckle over each should, now it buckles in front, across the chest. It’s called a double halo harness. Aside from that, the only other change is the price. It was listed just slightly under 200, now, the Osprey Poco AG is listed at Amazon for $250.00.

Osprey Poco AG Plus

The Osprey Poco Plus AG is the middle option. It offers basically everything that the Poco AG offers and then some. They’ve added the Anti-Gravity suspension of course, but it already had the hip-belt, and integrated sunshade. What is new, are the zippered hipbelt pockets, and the new double halo harness design for the child seat. It was listed for around $260.00, now, you can get the Osprey Poco AG Plus at Amazon for $275.00.

Osprey Poco AG Premium

The Poco AG Premium is the deluxe version. It offers everything that the other two offer, with the addition of extra storage, reservoir sleeve for hydration pack, and a removable daypack. The older version was listed for around $299.00, now, you can get the Osprey Poco AG Premium at Amazon for $330.00.

Osprey Poco AG Premium, blue

Osprey Poco AG Premium

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