Pikkolo Carrier Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Pikkolo Carrier Customer Rating: 13/14 – 93% 5star

Pikkolo Carrier - Black - Front facing in

Pikkolo Carrier

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  • Weight Limit – 8 to 40 pounds
  • Positions – Forward facing-in, forward-facing out, hip, and back carry
  • Integrated Cinching Mechanism – This allows you to adjust the width of the seat for smaller babies, or babies that want to face out while in the front carry position. The adjustments are on either side of the carrier.
  • Made from 100% brushed twill cotton – In other words, it’s super soft and durable
  • Padded Shoulder Straps – They are extra wide and they come with the same memory foam padding that you would find in a Tempurpedic mattress. So they’re thin, but extremely comfortable.
  • Criss-Cross Straps – You can cross the straps in the back while using the front carry positions, which gives you more support.
  • Dual-Adjust Buckles – You can pull the straps from either side of the buckle, which is extremely handy when adjusting in different positions.
  • Safety Buckles – Prevent accidental opening
  • Contoured Sleep Hood – It’s made from super soft cotton, and it has elastic bands on each side which gives your little ones head a bit more support.
  • Tested to fit wearers from  4’10” to 6’2″
  • Machine Washable


Pikkolo Carrier Review:

What I Love

Pikkolo Carrier -Brown - Front Facing-out Carry

Pikkolo Carrier – Café au Lait

I love that the Pikkolo Carrier offers all 4 carrying positions, especially the forward-facing out position. It’s incredibly hard to find a carrier that offers this anymore, especially with all the controversy surrounding it.

What makes the Pikkolo Carrier different from a crotch dangler is the fact that it offers a healthy semi-seated position. In other words, it doesn’t put as much pressure on the crotch or spine. “As Much” is the keyword, so it’s important that you do not use this position until your baby’s spine and muscles have been sufficiently developed, and they have full head and neck control. Usually somewhere around 4 months. Also, if you do choose to use this position, keep a close eye on your little one. If they seem over-stimulated, which is one of the main concerns, turn them around.

The Pikkolo Carrier also offers the wide, foam padded shoulder straps, which I LOVE! The sleeping hood is also pretty awesome. The elastic bands on the sides really makes a difference.

Also, the fact that you can adjust the width of the carrier from either side, which is necessary for smaller babies or babies that want to face out, is a huge convenience.

I also LOVE the fact that you can cross the straps in the back. This is huge when it comes to feeling well supported.

What I Don’t Like

The Pikkolo Carrier has NO storage. Such a disappointment, but I’ll get over it. The safety buckles are also kind of a pain, but I get it. Safety first!

My biggest complaint would have to be the fact that the waist belt is NOT padded. The Pikkolo Carrier would be perfect, except for that. You actually have to purchase the Support Belt separately. You absolutely CAN NOT go without it, especially if you plan on using the Pikkolo Carrier past say 15 pounds. I just don’t get it! Who would not want a padded belt?

Anyways, the only other complaint I have is the price. Now, if they would have included the padded support belt I might not be complaining, but since you have to buy that separate, you end up paying about $150.00.

Pikkolo Carrier - Brown - Back Carry

Pikkolo Carrier – Back Carry

Customer Feedback

As far as reviews go, the Pikkolo Carrier has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings, 93%. Most absolutely loved it.

The complaints pretty much mirror my own. The only other complaint was regarding the complexity of it. Personally, I don’t think it’s that complicated, but I do have some experience with soft structured baby carriers. If you were new to it, I guess it might seem complicated. When it comes to using the hip, or back carry, the Pikkolo Carrier is no different from any other soft structured baby carrier. You can watch the below video to get a feel for it.


All in all, I’d say that if you’ve got the money, the Pikkolo Carrier is one of the best baby carriers available. It’s comfortable for your baby, and it’s comfortable for you, as long as you get the Support Belt.

Now, is it worth the $150.00 you end up paying for it? Yes, but only if you plan on taking full advantage of all of the carrying options, otherwise, I’d get something less expensive.

Where to Buy:

Don’t forget the Pikkolo Support Belt!

Still undecided? Watch the video below to get a feel for it or check out the customer reviews on Amazon.

Pikkolo Carrier Instructional Video:

Get the Pikkolo Carrier At Amazon – $129.00 

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