Pikkolo Carrier Vs. Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier

Pikkolo Carrier Vs. Lillebaby CarrierSo you’re having a tough time deciding between the Pikkolo Carrier and the Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier. Both are stylish, lightweight, and comfortable soft structured baby carriers. Both the Pikkolo and the Lillebaby offer ergonomic support that positions your baby in the correct sitting position verses a hanging position. Both soft structured baby carriers provide wide padded shoulder straps, and a fitted waist belt. Both the Lillebaby Carrier and the Pikkolo Carrier also include handy pockets for storage, and are extremely adjustable. So how do you decide? Well, there are a few key differences that might make that decision a little easier.

Pikkolo Vs. Lillebaby – Differences:

Pikkolo Carrier

Pikkolo Carrier @ Amazon for $129.00

First of all, let’s take a look at the prices. The Pikkolo Carrier costs more, about $30.00 more with a listing price of $129.00. The Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier is much more affordable costing only $99.95. So why does the Pikkolo Carrier cost so much more? It could be the internal X support system which helps balance the baby’s weight on your hips and shoulders verses your back or your neck. You also have the option of criss-crossing the straps in the back while using the front carry position. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s made with 100% brushed cotton verses a polyester mix. Cotton is more expensive, and its a warmer material.

The Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier is made with primarily silk polyester, which is a lighter, less expensive material, plus it also offers a sport addition made with mesh for extra ventilation. The Lillebaby also offers 5 positions, front facing in, front facing out, hip, cradle, and back, as well as 2 pounds more for a weight limit going up to 42 pounds. The Pikkolo Carrier offers 4 positions, front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back, and goes up to 40 pounds. They both offer about the same minimum weight limit, around 7 or 8 pounds.


Lillebaby Everywear Carrier

Lillebaby Everywear Carrier @ Amazon $99.95

Both of these soft structured baby carriers reviewed pretty well, however, the Pikkolo Carrier definitely had the higher customer satisfaction rating. In fact, the Pikkolo has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out of all the soft structured baby carriers I’ve reviewed. It also offers an internal X-Support system and the option of criss-crossing the straps in the back while using the front carry position. This basically gives the wearer more support, and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping.

On the other side of the fence, the Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier offers the most carrying options available. It’s also extremely lightweight, and comes in a sport version for even more ventilation.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full in-depth reviews listed below for more information, including customer feedback, and video demonstrations.

Pikkolo Carrier Review & Video Demo

Lillebaby Everywear Carrier Review & Video Demo


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